April 11, 2015



When I say that Evan Covington is unimaginable, I mean it in every sense of the word.

Try to picture the cutest, tallest, cockiest guy you’ve ever met, with the bluest eyes and the darkest hair... 

He’s that times ten.

Evan knows that I can’t control how my body reacts to him, and he never misses a chance to tease me in class for being so smart, or give me hell in the hallways for being so uptight.

He also happens to be my Resident Advisor at The Valley School. His room is down the hall from mine and he’s the one I’m supposed to go to whenever I’m feeling homesick…lonely…vulnerable…

But I don’t come from a wealthy family like the other kids at this school, I’ll never be on the same level as Evan Covington...he’s out of my reach.

When his uncle—who’s a teacher at our school—decides to “put me in my place”, Evan does the unthinkable to defend my honor...

But I never imagined that I would end up being framed, convicted, and sent to prison for a murder I didn’t commit.

Fifteen years later I finally learn the truth…that I was right to hate Evan Covington from the very beginning.

Unimaginable is a full length contemporary new adult romance novel. Content is suitable for adults only, contains graphic sexual content, harsh language, and mature themes.

Review by: Erin 

This story was heartbreaking yet uplifting. Of the two characters, 

Megan is the stronger person. She is framed and imprisoned for a 

crime she didn’t commit. Instead of being bitter, she uses her time 

wisely and studies the law very carefully. She plans to do her own 

investigating and find the true killer when she is released. She has 

lived through some very rough times and has had to do things she 

would rather not do. But she is set on her goal and will do whatever 

it takes to achieve it. But in the end, what she learns most is 

forgiveness. She truly has the biggest heart of any female character 

I have ever read.

4 Stars 

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