April 05, 2015



Life is all about the jigsaw, right? Finding the different puzzle pieces to complete your very own picture. A career you love, a house to make a home, a lover to complete you, and keep you warm at night. 

Danielle Renton has a life, and she loves it. A recent law school graduate, she’d been floored when her boyfriend, Nate Lewis, enlisted during their sophomore year of college. At the time, she’d been concerned with what that meant for them as a couple, but in the years that followed, they’d learned to adapt to the logistics of an army relationship.

But when life throws her a curve ball, how will she cope? Can she pick up the pieces and make her picture beautiful again? Or does she realize that, sometimes, the pieces can be too broken to fit back together…

NOTE: Letters Home can be read as a standalone, but has a follow-up Coming Home.


Review by: Erin 

Very heart wrenching start. Dani and Nate are very good characters. Dani is very selfless in deciding to stay with Nate and do what makes him happy. They are so in love with each other. Their relationship was beautiful. Then tragedy strikes.
Tanner delivers Nate’s “in case I don’t make it” letter. Dani takes it very hard. Tanner and Dani start a very profound friendship. But when Tanner falls for her, Dani has to decide if she can open her heart & mind to love again. 
Tanner and Dani’s relationship is very similar to that of her & Nate in some ways. But she quickly finds that she doesn’t want to be without Tanner.

4 Stars 

Rebecca lives near the shore towns of New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. When she's not writing she loves reading and watching SOA and TrueBlood.

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