April 28, 2015

Man Candy by Jessica Ingro ~ FMR REVIEW


He's too sexy…

When Ben Harris agreed to fill in as a cover model at an author signing he wasn’t sure what to expect, but women throwing themselves at him, numbers being stuffed in his pocket, and covert attempts at getting into his hotel room definitely wasn’t it. On the other hand, there is the hottie assistant he can’t keep his eyes off...

...for her love.

Clarissa Darling is always eager to be her cousin’s assistant at signings, but the one thing she wasn’t planning on this time around is the sexy man candy posing for pictures at her table. The last thing she needs is another womanizing playboy chasing after her.

Ben is determined to show Clarissa that he’s more than just a pretty face and smoking body. He’s betting on wearing her down and weakening her resistance. Will one taste of this man candy be all it takes to have her craving more?

Review by: Tatia 

I know that when I need a hot, sexy, yet sweet story, I can always count on Jessica Ingro to deliver. She has this way of creating unique stories and characters that you can't help but love.
Man Candy was different. I was actually a little hesitant before I started it. To read about a guy filling in as a cover model, it didn't seem like a story that was going to really hold my attention. Of course, I was quickly proven wrong.
Ben has had his eye on a girl from afar for a while. He sees her every day, yet she has no idea that he even exists.
Clarissa has a horrible past with guys. Her current boyfriend is no different. He seems to be just like the rest of them. She's tired of men in general now and says she's going to swear them off, especially the womanizers.
This story proved me wrong. I should no by now that Ms. Ingro will never disappoint. I will admit that I judged this book just by what the synopsis said about it. Man Candy was so much more. It wasn't just a cover model who had a thing for an assistant. It was a guy and a girl, being judged by outer appearances and for past mistakes. It was two people battling to move forward with something that could be magical and life-altering. And can we just talk about Ingro's epilogues. I love a good epilogue that leaves no questions unanswered. Thank goodness she always gives us that. You never have to wonder what happened with the couple later on. We get answers to questions that we would have otherwise been left wondering about. No matter what, I always know that I can happily turn the last page and not dread the ending.

4.5 Stars 

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