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  1. Review Request...Please!

    I just wanted to drop the team a quick email to see if FMR would be open to reviewing my new book?

    I'm an Indie writer...this is my first book, a romance non-fiction. Though I'm nervous, I do know that opening it up to reviews is a necessary form of marketing.

    Let me know your interest and desired the form of reviewing.

    Thank you for your time!

    Gail J. Kueker
    Never Got The Memo...

  2. Hi Ladies, Thanks for offering this service.

    I write historical Western romance, and my latest, CHOLAMA MOON, is due out this week. It's a sweet romance, set in California's 1870s. I am excited and looking forward to the marketing phase. Your review would help immensely.

    Thank you for considering a sweet romance set in 1870, in rural Californa. If this sounds like your thing, please let me know the next step.

    Thanks so much,

    Anne Schroeder