April 19, 2015

Thoughtful by SC Stephens ~ FMR REVIEW

A new novel in the Thoughtless series from #1 New York Timesbestselling author S. C. Stephens! 

Every story has two sides, and in this new book, the epic love story between Kiera and Kellan is shown through his eyes. 

All Kellan Kyle needs is his guitar, and some clean sheets of paper. Growing up in a house that was far from a home, he learned a hard lesson: You're worthless. Now his life is comfortably filled with passionate music, loyal band mates, and fast women... until he meets her. 

Kiera makes him ache for more. Makes him feel for the first time that he'sworth more. But there's one problem— she's his best friend's girl. 

Just when Kellan thought his emotional defenses were rock solid, Kiera's indecisive heart wreaks havoc on his soul, changing him forever. Losing Kiera is not an option.


Review by: Tatia 

This book is what Kellan lovers around the world have been waiting on ever since we first met him in Thoughtless. He was the bad boy rockstar that we all loved. It didn't matter what happened, how badly things got between him and Keira, how hurt everyone ended up, we still love him. He could do no wrong.

I was scared starting Thoughtful. I wasn't sure how everything was going to look through Kellan's eyes, but I was most afraid of was it changing my view of him. I didn't want to see him as weak in the end. Well, I'm happy to say that I still love him just as much, if not more. Being able to experience life trough his eyes made me see how it all truly hurt him, how it wasn't only Keira that was torn. He sacrificed so much of himself to be with her the only way he could. He protected him when he needed to the most, did what he had to to survive, and gave all of himself while risking being destroyed. It's one of the main reasons that I loved Kellan from the beginning, he's sensitive while still being dominant, just protective enough to prove that you're his, and his sense of humor could lighten up any situation. I adored getting more of him, being able to in a sense experience it all over again, while still feeling connected to the story.

4.5 Stars 

Review by: Tera 

Let me first say I was a bit overwhelmed before ever starting reading this book ..for a few reasons ...
-The expectations of others can sometimes sway you..if you let them 
-and it's been a bit....well, since the other 3 books first came out that I've read them ..which I think may have worked in my favor some....I loved the other 3 books ..granted I wasn't Kellan "Krazy" like some ..Lol..but I did love the books ...and I can honestly say though ...I had NO certain expectations except for this one ..except to say...I just hoped I'd like it ..and..well... I DID ..
 This one was a good read...I enjoyed the early days of the band and hearing and reading things from Kellan's POV...Revisiting & Catching up with everyone again.. Kellan's parents well I wanted to do unnice things to them...Can't wait to read more from Griffin ..hear he's getting a book ....Yah! 
     The writing and the flow of the book are on point ..there were only a few times it sort dragged a bit...
    However, I'm not really sure Ms. Stephens can write a bad book...No matter whose POV it's in... She gives the reader so much in this one...it's a good read... Recommended!! 

4 Stars 

Review by: Rose 

Kellan.....I was so excited to read his POV and couldn't wait to start reading. I loved it, I loved that we got to read his side of the events. You got a real understanding of how Kellan felt. I highly recommend you read it if you are a Kellan fan. I really felt the emotions he was going through. SC did an awesome job with Kellan's POV. I loved that he always put Kiera first, he was willing to walk out of his life to make sure she was happy. If you haven't read Thoughtful, what are you waiting for?? 

4 Stars 

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