April 04, 2015

Hush Hush #1 by Anneliese Vandell ~ FMR REVIEW


Fifty Shades of Grey meets Revenge in this tantalizing new series about a young woman who’s willing to do anything in the name of vengeance.

Something terrible happened to April Morrison when she was eleven years old. When she returns home to New Orleans fourteen years later as “Sophia,” she has only one word on her mind: revenge. She’s got her eye on Charles and Barbara Hawthorne, the crowning jewel of New Orleans’ elite and the ones responsible for turning her life upside down.

Enter Liam Hawthorne, the couple’s successful, strikingly handsome, and irresistibly dominant thirty-two year old son. When Liam makes a provocative proposal, it occurs to April that he may be just the “in” she needs. But what she doesn’t bargain for is Liam’s insatiable—and thrilling—sexual appetite. And as Liam begins to test April’s limits, she realizes that appearances are not what they seem.

This book is intended for mature audiences.


Review by: Amy 

I am all about revenge lust and this book had a great start in that department. This was a great little debut for Anneliese Vandell with scorching hot sexy times meets plot full vengeance.

April Morrison has a serious ax to grind with the Hawthorne family. She is determined to make all of years  she's been plotting count. Including setting her sights on Liam Hawthorne, who she feels is her way in to set her  plan in motion. Liam is strong and determined to figure this woman out and figure out how she can fit into his future. 

This was an easy fun read for me. It was scorching hot one minute and full of angsty drama the next. It surely kept me on my toes!! I liked the setting of the story... New Orleans is romantic and spontaneous and made the book amazing! This book offered a good story but I just know the series will only get better. I can't wait for the next book to fulfill the rest of the story for me!! 3 solid stars for sure!! 

3 Stars 

Anneliese Vandell isn’t the kind of woman you want to bring home to your mother. She specializes in writing steamy erotic romance with a twist of suspense, starring alpha males who are handsome, commanding, and fiercely protective of the women they love. When she is not writing, she can most likely be found searching for the perfect New York bagel.

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