April 05, 2015

Affliction by Kelly Mooney ~ REVIEW TOUR

by Kelly Mooney
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

He couldn’t save her—he wanted to.

He tried—he failed.

For seven years Brody blamed himself for not saving the one girl who ever touched his heart—Samantha Ashburn. That one night altered his life and changed the man he always thought he’d be. Turning to drugs, sex and violence was never part of his plan, but neither was losing his mother or failing Samantha. Brody found solace within his club, the South Street Crew and their criminal activities. He knew one day he’d walk away either in jail, fleeing, or dead.

When Samantha stumbled back into his life on his best friend’s arm, Brody felt the instant connection he’d always experienced when she was near. Forced to claim her in order to protect her from the mafia’s son and his best friend was the only way he knew how to protect her. He refused to lose her a second time. But she wasn’t safe—not in his world. He’d do anything to save her. Anything.

Review by: Erin

This story stuck to a slow, comfortable pace. The characters were very well described and there was a lot of detail to soak up. A mixture of drugs, MMA style fighting, passion, and hurt. 

Brody has loved Samantha since he first laid eyes on her during junior year. But back then, she was taken. He would have given anything to take her out just once. But then, he didn’t save her. And now he does not feel worthy of her. Fast forward 7 years and Samantha is back home to take care of her dying mother. Brody is into some shady and illegal activities. They meet again because Samantha owes them money. When trouble starts, Brody makes it his job to protect her from everything. Somewhere along the way he realizes his feelings for her haven’t changed over the years and Samantha feels like she is drowning in her emotions and responsibilities. When it comes down to the wire, they both have to decide if loving each other is worth it. 

3.5 Stars 

Kelly Mooney was born in Southern New Jersey and now resides in Upstate New York. She started writing Young Adult Romance novels, which she loved, but wanted a little more freedom with the characters that she had running around in her head. She now writes New Adult/Contemporary Romances. She has been on Amazon Best Seller List and on the top 100 iTunes charts. She has two children and two dogs and a very supportive hubby who keep her very busy when she’s not sitting in front of her computer. She loves to hear from her readers, so please email her or find on facebook.
Feel free to email her at mooneymama1@yahoo.com
Twitter: @mooneymama1

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