August 15, 2015

The Counting-Downers by AJ Compton ~ FMR REVIEW

Title: The Counting-Downers
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2015
Standalone/Part Of A Series: Standalone

The stunningly poignant and life-affirming debut novel 
by A.J. Compton

Imagine if we could see how long everyone around us had left to live. But we weren’t allowed to know our own numbers…

Trying to make sense of life after the death of her beloved father, free spirit Matilda Evans meets Tristan Isaacs and discovers a marrow-deep connection with him.
No stranger to grief himself, lonely artist Tristan is in awe of Matilda’s fun and philosophical approach to life. With every second spent in her presence, he finds his views on life and loss changing, and begins to embrace the beauty of being alive.

As their friendship turns into something deeper, lessons are learned, memories are made, and legacies are created.

But with both of them knowing how long their soulmate has left in this lifetime, important questions have to be asked and tough decisions have to be made before time runs out.

The Counting-Downers is an inspiring story about life, loss, love, and making the most of every moment. 

Review By: SAM

Where do I even start with this review? This book, it is completely unique to any romance novel I have read. The synopsis of this story made me all kinds of curious, and I just needed to know what it meant. The cover is an absolute work of art and I cannot wait to have it sitting beautifully on my book shelf. But overall, I sit here, my mind going over and over the life messages behind this story, wanting to make each and every second of my life count!
Can you imagine living in a world and being able to see just how many years, days, hours, minutes and seconds each person has left to live? No? Neither could I! But.... This story actually brings that thought to life! 
This outstanding debut novel by A.J Compton is written with such beautiful depth, unforgettable characters and a soul touching storyline. From the first page, I was blown away by this authors creativity and writing talent, I highlighted something on every page, and connected to this story on a deeper level than I thought I would. 
You know when you read a book, and you can literally feel the connection between two characters and it gives you butterflies, makes you giddy, makes you smile, those are the feelings I experienced when Matilda and Tristan met. They make you believe in the saying "everything happens for a reason". The build up to the initial introduction between these two is something that needs to be experienced by each and every reader. I FELT IT and I actually GET IT!
It is a story full of hope, dreams, love and LIVING.
Matilda is a breath of fresh air. She is full of life and freedom, she holds so much strength, she is thoughtful and is like an old soul on young shoulders. Her thoughts on life made me want to chase my own dreams and I understood everything about her character! A.J Compton has done a truly incredible job on Matilda's character.
Tristan, I swear, this guy is one of the most BEAUTIFUL male lead characters I have ever had the privilege of reading. He is just EVERYTHING. He knows sadness. He knows suffering. And he knows loss. And it was so refreshing to read. His character progression was stunning. 
But these two characters together, they are like kindred spirits. On their own they are awesome, as friends they are beautiful, but together, THEY ARE EVERYTHING.
I won't tell you anything else, because this story truly deserves to be felt personally by every reader. 
If you want something different, if you want something that is written with such outstanding depth and a beautiful style, this book will absolutely blow your mind. 
I know for a fact that I will return to this book when I need a boost for life, love and freedom from my darker days. This author has been blessed with a beautiful talent and the whole world needs to know about her and this stunning novel! 


What Readers Are Saying:

"This was such a unique storyline...The words jumped off the page and touched me to my core. It made me think, it made me feel, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made feel blessed for those I have in my life." 
- TalkBooks

"Compton's debut novel is beautiful. This is the only word I can think of when trying to describe The Counting-Downers using only one word. I highlighted so much of the text, my kindle copy looks more yellow than white....You will question, if you are a writer, how the F*CK you'll find the courage to even attempt such beauty."

- Cynthia Rodriguez,  Author of Crashing Souls

"This book had me in tears from the very beginning. It touched me in so many ways. It's so beautiful. This is a book I will forever carry in my heart." 

- Book Obsessed Girl

"I have nothing bad to say about this book. Honestly, every word was strategically placed, every thought was beautiful, every action was written with such precision and passion; this debut novel spoke to me and will stick with me for a LONG time." 

- Michelle T Bibliophile

"It was honestly the best book I've ever read!" 

- Bookish Emily

A.J. Compton is a 23 year-old Londoner, professional dreamer, and full time over-thinker. A big believer in going after your dreams, she decided to practice what she preaches and finally finish one of the many incomplete manuscripts she’s started over the years.
A University of Cambridge graduate, A.J. is currently in a polygamous relationship with an embarrassing number of book boyfriends.

Those two facts are not related. Honestly.

She loves people-watching and exploring her observations in her writing.

She really hates writing about herself in the third person.

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