August 29, 2015

BANG Challenge Accepted by M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost ~ RELEASE BLITZ Day 3


Challenge Accepted
by M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost
Release Date: August 27, 2015

Long distance relationships suck.
When you're Jenny and Jack, though, it's easy to keep it interesting.
After a one night stand months ago, Jenny literally runs into Jack in Ryley’s hallway. When things heat up and fate steps in (in the form of a tiny, helpless puppy), will she have what it takes to agree to an LDR. Will he even trust that the wild child is capable of it?
This hilarious romp through the lives of Bang and Lumber Jack will leave you questioning everything you ever knew about LDRs. Sexy, sweet, funny, with a little bit of 'oh no they didn't', Frost and Dauphin have teamed up for another read of EPIC proportions.
You're going to love it. Hopefully.



Review by: Leeann 

I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard when I was reading a book that I literally had tears running down my face!
With For3ver I bawled my eyes out and with Bang I laughed till I cried. 
That shows the extraordinary talent of these two authors. To take two books in a series and put them on the complete opposite ends of the emotion spectrum is amazing. 
I'm not sure what I was expecting with this book, but these authors have gone above and beyond anything I may have been expecting. 

Jenny and Jack are an awesome couple and are also like chalk and cheese.. except when it comes to sex. Then they are definitely on the same page. I have to say I worried about Jack as he had a few close calls regarding his manhood but he handles it so well that you actually find yourself peeing yourself laughing. 
Jenny is an absolute hoot. She takes the most serious of situations and turns them into a comedy skit. 

I could go on and on about how great this book is but in all seriousness, at the end of the day you need to read it to truly appreciate the greatness of this book and these two fabulous authors.. 
I say you should all one click now! 

        5 hilariously funny sparkly stars!

Review by: Rose 

Shits and giggles with a twist of heart....BANG!! 

 I don't think I have laughed so hard reading a book, BANG had so many different emotions happening all at once. Bang is about Jenny and Jack's story and boy oh boy its a great story to read. They say opposites attract and in this story it is so true. 

Oh Liam and Ry and their son make an appearance and its steam full ahead with the giggles. So much talk about but you really need to read it to appreciate it. 

Both Authors have become a favourite for me and I so look forward to reading more from them. BANG: Challenge Accepted is a must read. 

5 Stars 

Review by: Dawn

What can I say? This book had me laughing out loud while at the same time crying. I went for a ride with this book. I never thought that these 2 totally opposite of people would truly work out the way they did. But damn if im not glad they did. There were so many parts in this book that I had to double read because I was either laughing to hard and missed or had tears in my eyes and the words were blurry. This book is the complete package. A lot of laughs lots of steamy sex and some heart break. Couldn't get enough of them and hope there is going to be more from these couples in the future.  

4.5 Stars 

 "Jack?" she says as her eyes travel down my body.  
Son of a bitch.
 "Nice to see you, big boy," she grins at me again then walks closer to me so every part of her is touching me.
My instinct is to take a step back, and when I do, she steps with me. I take another step back. She steps with me, and now she's pushing me back and into the bathroom, kicking the door closed behind us.
 "What're you doing here?" I try not to sound so dumbfounded but she's the last person I thought I'd see. At least not in this situation.
 "Shh, Able's downstairs," her voice purrs as her hands travel to parts of my body I've only dreamed of since our last encounter.
"Able? You're with Able? You're Able's sitter while Ry and Liam are on vacation?" I sound like a bumbling idiot, but what is this woman doing!? Able's downstairs and she's stroking my cock in Liam's bathroom!
 "Yep, all week." Her lips go to my neck and her hands keep stroking. This is the best feeling I've felt in a while. Ever since that night.
When she starts nipping her way down my chest I have to take a deep breath so I don't blow my load right there in her hands.


When it came to her lifelong friendship to the Porter boys, Ryley Reynolds knew one thing to be true: The 3 of them would be friends forever. Friends 'till the end. 

When life got in the way of their plans, one decision changed the course of all of their lives. 
Five years later, friends are brought back together, secrets are unveiled, and love is found again. Has too much damage been done to erase the past? 

Thelma and Louise. Boris and Natasha. Frost and Dauphin. When these two teamed up, they never knew how amazing it would be working together to create wonderful masterpieces of joy, tears, humor, and heartbreak. Dauphin’s favorite part about Frost? The fact that she puts up with her. Period. ALSO, the fact that she makes her writing better every damn time. She’s friggin’ brilliant. Frosts favorite thing about Dauphin? Frost loves the fact that when they get together to create it becomes a tornado of brilliance that Frost couldn't be more grateful to be caught up in with Dauphin. Dauphin’s artistic abilities and mad skillz make Frost so proud to be associated with her (it makes her look good too). Also if Dauphin didn't adult for the both of them, not much would get done.

Each a mom and a wife, Frost actually holds down a job while containing the crazy while Dauphin sits at home with the tinies and eats bon-bon’s all day (if you ask her husband) ;)

Creating babies together has been the best adventure either of them has ever been on. You should most definitely check them out at and check out their books. They would love you for3ver.



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