August 13, 2015

Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining ~ BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

TITLE: Perfect Betrayal
AUTHOR: Season Vining
RELEASE DATE: August 18, 2015

ABOUT Perfect Betrayal:

To the outside world, Taylor Hudson has it all: beauty, money and social status. But Taylor’s privileged life is far lonelier than it appears.

Levi is the inside man on a job to steal fifteen million dollars from one of the town’s wealthiest families, putting him on a crash course with Taylor. Neither of them believe in love, but lust. . . that’s undeniable.

Now they’re locked in a wicked game of seduction and it’s unclear who is playing who. But neither of them expected the affair to lead to the deepest connection they’ve ever experienced. Because beneath Taylor’s perfect exterior lies a need for love that mirrors Levi’s own. 

As the heist approaches, how can Levi protect Taylor from the truth? 
Is he willing to give up everything to save the one girl who’s made him want to be a better man?



This story started a little slow but by Chapter 3 I was hooked. The characters couldn’t be more different. Levi didn’t grow up with money growing on trees, but he was loved. Taylor has access to anything she could possibly want, except the affection of her parents. The age difference put me off to start with, but Taylor is surprisingly mature for her age when you get underneath the spoiled brat that she shows everyone. Levi does his best to stay away from Taylor, but some things are just meant to be. He can’t fight the growing attraction forever. Taylor falls fast and lets Levi see a side that she shows nobody else. Secrets and lies come to light and nothing will be the same. That twist came out of nowhere and left me with my mouth hanging open wondering what just happened. Some of the scenes in this book will have you fanning yourself and needing a drool bucket. Just be prepared beforehand.


MEET Season Vining:

SEASON VINING is an author, a designer, a philanthropist, a bookworm, a cook, inked, and a night owl. She loves John Hughes films, tattooed boys, and celebrating anniversaries of her 29th birthday. She lives in Louisiana, where she likes to spend time with her corgi, Chap.

Season is a graphic designer by trade and adores all form of art. She's a fan of live music, vintage cars, and people who know the difference between their, there, and they're.


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