August 11, 2015

Escalation by Tessa Teevan ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW

Author: Tessa Teevan
Series: Clandestine Affairs #2

The moment Rafe appeared on her doorstep, he was everything Brie Latham didn't know she needed. Sexy. Mysterious. Provocative. The absolute opposite of her domineering ex. Like a white knight in the form of a rugged, handsome construction worker, he freed her from her cage, allowing her to spread her wings and find herself again. To find love again. 

Just as she was ready to give in and finally admit her feelings for him, her past swooped back in, death and destruction in its path, causing her to question everything she knows.

And everything she feels.

Was their relationship all just smoke and mirrors? Was she destined to repeat the vicious cycle with yet another manipulative man, only to crash and burn yet again?

Who is Rafe Matthews, and will Brie survive long enough to finally discover the truth?


Review By: Dawn

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the 1st book. And couldn’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd. IT DID NOT DISSAPOINT!!!
The book picks right up where the 1st one left off. I was left with so many questions that were unanswered with my heart in my throat but this book answered so many of them but still left me wanting more. Yes this book ended in a cliffhanger just as the 1st one and yes i wanted to throat punch Tessa for leaving me like that again. But if its answers you seek its answers you shall get.
We all wanted to Know who Rafe was from the 1st book and in this book you find out in a very BIG way. You also get some answers about what happened to Brie's family.
This is a book that will keep your heart pounding while your on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.
Don’t miss out on this page turning heart pounding book.

5 Stars
Review By: Erin

Escalation starts of right where Instigation leaves off and I am so glad it was written that way! Right of the bat the words are like a syringe pumping adrenaline into your system. 
There were some many questions and so many pieces of the puzzle that needed to be filled in after the first book I was eager to learn the answers but the most important question I wanted the answer to was who is Rafe Matthews? Pretty early on we got that answer.....or did we?
With so many twists and turns and theories in the story meshing with the theories in my head I was a hot mess while reading this book. Thinking I knew the answers and then it's NOPE that's not it but here's another question for you.
Tessa Teevan is a romantic suspense genius. She gives you just enough to tease you and then gives you more to baffle you. Toss in some hot as hell sexy times and an unconventional love story and you have one hell of a book. I did curse Tessa when I got the end because I NEED MORE! I NEED TO PUT TOGETHER THE PIECES TO THE PUZZLE. I highly recommend this 5 star read! 

5 Stars
Review By: Sam


After that mother of all cliffhangers (which rocked my socks) at the end of 'Instigation'-Book #1 in the Clandestine Affairs series, I had a billion questions!!!! These were ranging from WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING HELL JUST HAPPENED? to WHO IN THE ACTUAL JESUS CHRIST IS RAFE? 
Tessa Teevan has brought a continuation to the table and this book continues where Book 1 finished, THANK GOODNESS!!!! 
This book holds so much mystery, so much more intensity and a whole puzzle for you to attempt at solving, which I can assure you right now DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND THINK YOU ARE A DETECTIVE!!!! Trust me, that just does not work! I had so many ideas and conclusions buzzing around my head but Tessa threw in another dynamite and BOOM!!!!! I once again was left like "WHAT THE WHAT????" This book, it just will not make you feel relaxed, it absolutely does not contain unicorns and rainbows, but it will bring you the energy you want from a real suspenseful, hot and BLOODY BRILLIANT book!!!!! 
Tessa is one of my go-to authors, and what I love about this series is just how different it is from her usual style. I love that she has challenged herself, yet the writing style which is so unique to Tessashines through as you dive into this continuation.
Once again after finishing this book, you find yourself asking more questions. I read the book three times, just to ensure I didn't miss a single thing and NOPE!!!! I STILL NEED ANSWERS! So much still remains hidden, untold and secretive, if I thought it would help at all, I'd beat the living hell out of my kindle! 
I loved that we got to experience a further connection between Brie and Rafe, I loved the twists, the secrets, the struggles and SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY.....THE STEAM!!! Tessa can write amazing heated scenes and this book, well it sure as hell signed sealed and delivered! 
I'm not telling you what happens, this book deserves to be experienced!!!!!! But what you need to know: if you haven't read book one, DO IT NOW!!!!! If you read book one and loved it as much as I did, READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! If you read book one and were undecided on your feelings of the book, THEN YOU STILL NEED TO READ THIS CONTINUATION RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! 
Escalation is THE PERFECT title for this book! Everything has increased tenfold and once again, I am left DYING FOR THE NEXT BOOK! 

4.5 Stars
Review By: Leeann

So this book picks up where book 1 left off obviously. Rafe and Brie are trying to continue their relationship but there are lots of secrets coming out and everytime they think they are getting somewhere there is another road block in their way.

The story is well written and flows well. The charters are well developed and we'll matched. 
This is another cliffhanger and I have to say, although I enjoyed the story and liked the characters, I did get to the end and wonder why the characters didn't learn their lesson from the 1st book. 

That said I will definitely be reading book 3 because the mystery sourounding Brie and her parents is so intriguing that I desperately want to know how it all ends!

Great quick read but you definitely need to read book 1 first or you will have no idea what is going on.

4 Stars

While I hang my head, shame and remorse fill me. I promised to protect her. And what did I do? I let her down.

I should’ve known that it would end up like this. I should’ve seen it coming. Yet my mind was clouded as my days and nights—and, soon, my heart—were filled with her, and she was all I could see. I let my guard down, and this is where it got me. Where it got us.

I never got to tell her the truth.

I never got to tell her how I feel.

I will never forgive myself if I never get the chance.

And I will spend the rest of my days hunting the man who did this to her. When I find him, I will kill him.

Because for her? I’d do anything.

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Tessa Teevan
Tessa is a twenty something book junkie who loves creating books boyfriends as much as she loves reading them. Government worker by day, writer by night, she gets little sleep, but couldn't imagine her life any less hectic. She lives just outside of Dayton, Ohio and has been married to her own book boyfriend for nine years. 

If she’s not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find her curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. Her other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Stone Sour. 

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