August 28, 2015


Guiding Lights Synopsis:
He sings of suffering. His eyes hold the pain of living in sorrow.
The moment our gaze meets recognition flares within.
We are tortured souls drifting in a sea of darkness.
He knows I have secrets that I'll never tell.
I am numb
I am broken
I am dirty
I can never be the guiding light through the darkness he thinks I am.
I have forsaken my past, I rely on keeping myself shut off.
But he has secrets too, secrets that would destroy everything I have left.
I wish things were different, that maybe we could be each other's lifeline.
But destiny drags us down like an anchor.
The broken can only drift in the sea barely staying afloat.
Jessica Florence Bio:
Jessica Florence makes her home in Southwest Florida where she runs her own business, and of course writing! She one day after reading a book a day for a year just sat down and started writing, thus finding a new amazing hobby that she was looking for, for years, and that was also very therapeutic.
She spends her days reading, writing, watching TV, working, playing with her cute as hell baby, and black German Shepherd Rogue aka Rogue-i-bear, and of course tormenting her husband ;)
She also enjoys taking naps, bubble baths, eating pickles like candy, and having Harry Potter marathons.


Review by: Sam 

This was my first read by author Jessica Florence and it will not be my last. 
Guiding Lights is a standalone novel full of raw emotion, secrets, suspense and a connection between two characters from different worlds with chemistry that cannot be ignored. The blurb for this story really caught my attention and then THAT GORGEOUS COVER! It is so beautiful!

This story is set it Scotland, Nera is finding herself, her freedom and I found her character very endearing and sometimes a little frustrating. She has been travelling for the past seven years but after finding out what it is she is running from, it absolutely broke my heart. 
Wolfe, the HOLY HOT AS HELL SCOTSMAN with the man-bun, beard and secrets of his own *fans self*! He is taking a break from life and finds himself staying at the B&B Nera is also accommodating. The author got Wolfe's accent just perfect. Some readers may struggle with this, but I found it completely unique and turned into a wee Scottish lassie whilst reading this myself. I loved everything about his character!! 
The connection between these two characters blows off the pages as they meet for the first time in the pub Nera works at, which also becomes the exact same place she hears Wolfe sing for the first time. This scene in the story really stood out to me so much, I FELT THIS! I remember feeling goosebumps and my heart fluttering so fast. It was truly beautiful. I also loved the description the author used of the places visited in the book. It made me picture everything so vividly and I found myself on Google straight after swooning over the places and the scenes that took place there. 

It would be a travesty for you readers if I spoil this book. I do not want to tell you a thing because it would ruin the experience that the author has worked so hard for. But just know that this gorgeous standalone will capture you from beginning to end. The author is very talented and I can't wait to experience for of her work. 

                                          4 STARS

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