May 27, 2015

Texting Under the Influence by Cara Lockwood ~ BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

Book: Texting Under the Influence
Author: Cara Lockwood
Genre: Cosmo Red Hot Read


I Know You Want Me…

One last hookup. At least that's what graphic designer Jenna Cho has in mind when she texts her toxic-in-life but amazing-in-bed ex, Jax. When her gorgeous boss Jack responds to the booty call instead, Jenna learns exactly why a girl should never hit send after one too many vodka sodas. Still, faced with Jack's sexy grin and even sexier Irish accent, Jenna thinks maybe she messaged the right man after all—especially when he admits he's been hoping she'd make the first move…

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Review By: Tracy

Young Jenna Cho finds herself single yet again after her and her on again off again "boyfriend" after she finds out he is cheating on her. Drowning in sorrow and plenty of alcohol at a bar, she receives a text from her ex, Jax, saying he's sorry and wants her back. Jenna thinks to herself, one more time in bed couldn't hurt so she texts him back. Jenna realizes why you should never drink and text. After she sends that very naughty text she heads home and waits for him to show up. Guess who shows up? None other than her very hot boss Jack.

I think everyone can relate to Jenna. We have all been in her shoes and drunk texted someone. Except I'm sure we are all very mindful, to an extent, on who we want to be on the receiving end of our texts.

So while I liked this book and found this story full of adventures, romance and comedy, I had a hard time with the reality of it. It's a good read!

Review By: Dawn

This is my first time reading this authors work and I must say I quickly became a fan. Although I cant rate this book higher I must say that this is a very cute book. Its not very long and at some parts seem very rushed such as the ending. I found that I loved the dynamtic between the 2 characters while at the same time wishing there was just a bit more drama. The book glazes over parts that I felt she could have expanded on to make it have a little more drama or even emotional but didn’t. I felt the ending was rushed more than I would have liked it to be. Overall I think this is a very good quick read.

Author Bio:

Cara Lockwood is the USA Today bestselling author of a dozen novels, including I Do (But I Don't), which was made into a Lifetime Original Movie, starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain. She's written the Bard Academy series for young adults, as well as books in other genres, including suspense, paranormal romance and romance. Her new project, a sizzling Super Romance from Harlequin takes place on a Kona coffee plantation on Hawaii, Cara's favorite place in the world.

Her father, who is Japanese-American, and her mother, whose ancestors hail from England, raised her near Dallas, Texas. Cara made multiple trips to Hawaii growing up, where she was often mistaken for a local. Cara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and worked for several years as a newspaper journalist for the Austin American-Statesman. She’s also the founder of Edit My Novel. She lives near Chicago with her two daughters.

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Twitter: @CaraLockwood

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