May 25, 2015

Jetson by C.A. Ellis ~ FMR REVIEW

TITLE: Jetson (Entwined in the Vine, #2)
AUTHOR: C.A. Ellis
RELEASE DATE: April 30, 2015

ABOUT Jetson: 

Prepare for the highs… Prepare for the lows…Prepare to fall in love…

Jett, Sonny, Jude and Ace are four guys with very different personalities but with one strong mutual goal: to take their band, Jetson, all the way. 
Jett Matthews, the lead singer of Jetson, and his boys are finally hitting the big time and living the dream they’ve strived so long for. 
As always, dreams come at a price. There’s the non-stop media attention, the parties, the booze binges, and of course, being hounded by hundreds of groupies. For these boys, all that doesn’t seem like a hard price to pay; in fact for some of them, it’s just perks of the job.
Jett’s finally back on home soil after a tour of the U.S and Europe, when the cutest girl with the pinkest hair enters his world. Jett seems to be falling hard for the rainbow-haired beauty, but can she handle the pitfalls of fame and a life in the spotlight she’s about to be plunged into? She has a lot to consider, like her son. 
As we follow Jett and Dolly’s journey, there are curve balls being thrown from all directions. Can Jett have his musical dream and his girl? And when the unthinkable happens, is it a step too far for Jett and Dolly’s love to survive?
Ultimately, can Jett keep the only girl he’s ever really wanted, while he takes over the world one sexy, husky lyric at a time?



COVER LUST= Me, sitting in my comfy chair with my kindle in hands, staring longingly at this gorgeous sight in front of me, for at least 20 minutes! YEP! So that happened! It's so damn beautiful! 

C. A. Ellis stole my heart with book 1 in this series. I adored Lizzy and that sexy son of a gun Lucas Castle something fierce, but I needed Jett's story for two reasons.... 1: ROCK GOD 2: BRITISH BOY! Hell to the bloody yes! And I loved every written word! 
Jett Matthews is the lead singer of Rock Band "Jetson"! Him and his boys are finally hitting the BIG TIME, living their dreams, and loving every minute! 

On a break back in London, Jett takes time out to enjoy one of his past times, Skateboarding! Which is where he meets the beautiful ray of sunshine, Dolly.....and her son! Dolly is a proud single mother, who lives with her parents and is so cute, with a beautiful boho style. On a chance encounter at the skate park early one morning, Dolly and Jett cross paths and the chemistry builds from then and throughout the rest of this book. Carol's writing had me enchanted from start to finish. The characters come across real life struggles, the hot scenes were SMOKING and there was a lot of angst and also some emotion too. I felt something special for each of the characters, and was absolutely routing for Jett, Dolly and her lovely son Rafe! 
This book had feels, it had passion, it had humour and in the word of Jett himself it was just IN-F*****G-CREDIBLE! 

Congratulations Carol on delivering an outstanding second book! You rock my socks! 


I am a crazy, happy and fun Essex wife, mum and a good friend to anyone who needs one. I love cheese and red wine. I am addicted to Starbucks lattes and social networking, where I have made some wonderful friends, some of which I have since met in the flesh.

I released ‘The Vine’ in last August 2014. ‘The Vine’ is the first book in my ‘Entwined in the Vine’ series, the second book in the series ‘Jetson’ is about a hot rock star by the name of Jett Matthews. The third book in the series I have already started writing and is about sassy chick Katy Stephens and I hope to have it released the early part of 2016, although it could be earlier!!

Written as a series, I recommend reading them in order, although this is not essential as each book can be read as a standalone as they focus on different characters.

When I am not writing I can be found reading, listening to music, browsing Pinterest or just generally daydreaming about a new make believe world I can throw myself into.


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