May 21, 2015

Falling For His Best Friend by Katee Robert ~ FMR REVIEW

TITLE: Falling For His Best Friend (Out of Uniform, #2)
AUTHOR: Katee Robert
RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2015

ABOUT Falling For His Best Friend:
Avery Yeung’s biological clock just went off early. Thanks to her family’s medical history, she’s running out of time to get knocked up. And the only guy within donating distance? Her overprotective—and irritatingly hot—best friend. So clearly she needs an anonymous donor…
Anonymous donor? Over Sheriff Drew Flannery’s dead body. While daddyhood will never be in the cards for a man with his past, Drew won’t let Avery shop for a “popsicle pop.” He’ll do what’s right for his best friend by doing his best friend. But only if they do it properly.
But there’s nothing “proper” about it. Between the bed, the kitchen counter, and against his squad car, Avery and Drew are having the hottest sex ever. They can’t get enough of it—or each other. And without knowing it, they’ve crossed the one line that could ruin their friendship forever…


Great read! Avery and Drew have been best friends since childhood. When Avery shares her new plan, Drew decides she is not putting it into action without him!
Drew is a very strong character. However, he deals with his past every day. He struggles with being the man he wants to be instead of the man he thinks he will turn into. His father. Through the story he will come to realize that he is strong enough to overcome his past and get what he wants for his future.
Avery has a very proper family. They believe that she should marry a man fitting with their culture and stay at home and have babies. She will realize that she has to do what makes her happy and cannot worry about pleasing anybody but herself.
Avery and Drew’s story is a bumpy but hot and steamy ride. You shouldn’t miss it!


Drew Flannery and Avery Yeung have been friends since grade school. Being kids and getting into trouble together to growing up and being there for each other when needed.
With terrible news Avery decided that she was ready to take life in her hands and make the most of it, Her biologcal clock was ticking and she was ready to do something about it. Not only was she not married she wasn't even in a relationship. Like all girls in that position she made the decision that would change that.
When Drew found out her plan to get an anonymous donor he stepped up to the plate and wanted to help give her what she wanted.
Only, sex between friends is never easy and always complicates things. Can Drew and Avery stay friends with the pressure of having a baby? Will they want to stay friends?
It was a cute story. I can relate to Avery and her biological clock.She was tired of waiting for her "someday" to happen. So the truth be told I can only give it 3.5 stars because it was predictable and I knew exactly what would happen right from the beginning of the story.


Katee Robert learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back.
Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way—as it often does—and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she’d like to write a book and try to get published.
Her first novel was an epic fantasy that, God willing, will never see the light of day. From there, she dabbled in YA and horror, before finally finding speculative romance. Because, really, who wouldn’t want to write entire books about the smoking-hot relationships between two people?
She now spends her time—when not lost in Far Reach worlds—playing imaginary games with her wee ones, writing, ogling men, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


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