May 17, 2015

Beautiful Affliction By Celia Loren ~ FMR Review

Title:  Beautiful Affliction
Author:  Celia Loren
Published: April 13, 2015

 ~ Synopsis ~

When 24-year old struggling artist Cora MacAuliffe takes a job as a live-in maid for the old money Redmond family, the last thing she expects is to fall for her new boss, the dangerously sexy Brent Redmond. 

The self-made billionaire lives a double life—in public he’s a shrewd real estate mogul and philandering playboy, but in private he’s a brooding, enigmatic protector…and a dominant alpha with sexual desires that no socialite princess has ever been able to satisfy.

Cora soon finds that Mr. Redmond has more inappropriate “chores” he’d like to add to her list of duties, things that definitely blur the lines between their employer and employee relationship.

But when the Redmond family’s previous maid turns up murdered, and her body is found nearby, Cora realizes that the Redmonds are hiding a dungeon of dark secrets—some that they might kill to protect. 

Everyone could be a suspect…even Brent.

This is a full-length Dark Contemporary Billionaire Romance Novel. No Cliff-Hanger. Content suitable for mature audiences, contains harsh language, and sexual content.

~ Review by Dawn ~

This book had me hooked from the start. It jumped right into things with having you wondering who murdered the maid? Your first thought is that it was Mr.Redmond but you would be wrong. I will not give away to much in my review but will tell you that while you try to figure out who it was you will fall in love with Cora and Brent. It will keep you guessing while also keep you from being able to put your Kindle down.

~ Review by Erin ~ 

This story was full of drama. Cora is still trying to deal with the death of her sister. She takes a job as a maid because it keeps her busy enough not to think and away from the happiness that she feels she doesn’t deserve. Brent has a lot going on in his life at the moment and feels like he can’t get a grip on anything. They both feel an attraction to each other, but once that line is crossed things get messy.

Cora is a very intelligent woman. She is also a gifted artist. She can tell that there are things going on at the house. She just has a knack for sniffing out details.

The author did a very good job of keeping you hooked in the story. Every time I thought I had the ending figured out, she put a twist in there to keep me guessing.

~ About the Author ~ 

Celia Loren is an author of gritty Contemporary Romance. She’s always been an avid reader and growing up she devoured books by the truckload. Now she spends her time working toward finishing her MFA and penning the romance stories she always wanted to read. Excited to be a member of the Hearts Collective Publishing team, she brings her incredible imagination, unparalleled work ethic, and sassy personality into the mix!

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