May 30, 2015

Broken Until You by J.R. Grant ~ FMR REVIEW

TITLE: Broken Until You (Until You, #2)
AUTHOR: J.R. Grant
RELEASE DATE: May 21, 2015

ABOUT Broken Until You:

You can't shatter a heart if it's already broken.

After suffering years of abuse, Blue Hamilton packed her bags and left town, vowing to never look back.Thirteen months later, just as everything started falling into place, Blue comes face to face with the one person who invaded her thoughts, captivated her mind, and stole her heart years prior.

His sexy charm and toned, muscular body may have gotten him anything he wanted, but Stone Walker has never been able to let his walls down enough to fall in love, until Blue walks back in his life.
Promising to keep her safe from the destruction of their past, Stone does everything in his power to live up to his word, no matter the cost.

Lies are exposed, secrets are revealed, and when the truth is finally made known, innocent lives are forced through a whirlwind of suffering and pain.

What happens when you find out the one you love isn't who they say they are? Do you sell your soul to the devil, or do you run into the arms of the forbidden, praying to make it out alive?

Follow this compelling journey of love, loss and survival.

Souls will be crushed, hearts will be shattered, and if everyone makes it out alive, it’ll be a miracle. 

Each book in the Until You series is based off of two different characters and can be read as a standalone.



“What’s this? Everything I promised you”.  SOOOO GOOD!!! Stone & Blue’s story is a wonderful tale of second chance love. I was so happy to see this next installment in the Until You series. I have enjoyed the series so far and this book didn’t disappoint. It had so much lusty goodness and agnsty awesomeness that I was totally stuck on this book until I finished. The story location won me over as well and added to the sinfully magical relationship brewing.

Stone & Blue… troubled couple that had all the right chemistry but had the worst timing. They tried multiple times to make it work but were drawn away but circumstances beyond each other’s control. One chance meeting in a crowded restaurant gives them the push they both need to make another go at the relationship. Throw in some crazy friends and an even nuttier ex and this story heats up fast. I loved reading and watching their story blossom and grow.

From the steamy sexy times to the agnsty dangerous past, this book was a total winner for me. I was happy to continue the series and meet these new characters. I loved how J.R. kept some of the previous book’s characters and folded them in nicely to this story as well. Nothing was lost in the plot and it was extremely easy to follow. I was waiting for this book and now I am craving the next book even more!!

Easy 4.5 stars for me. Great easy read and completely worth the ride it will take you on.


The title of this book could not be any better. It describes the heroine perfectly.

Blue has been broken for most of her life. Fate has not been on her side, not as a child, and definitely not as an adult with her long time boyfriend, Niko. When the opportunity arises, she's ready to leave, only Niko isn't willing to let her, not without a fight...literally.
Stone has tried to forget. Having been told that she'll come back, he's yet to see it. He's lost hope that it'll actually happen, until the one day he finds out that she actually did and that she's back for good. Before he can jump back in to this wild romance with her, he needs answers.
Blue and Stone just worked. There was no struggle, no forcing feelings; their connection was instant. It's been an on-again off-again romance for 3 years. When they're finally able to be together, will it be smooth sailing from there on out? Not if Niko has anything to do with it.

Drama, drama, drama. We get about two seconds to enjoy Blue and Stone finally being together before Niko starts coming back to haunt them. This story did not go the way I was expecting. I figured it would be a sweet story of two people finally reconnecting and living happily ever after. WRONG!! It threw me for a twist, especially the ending. I'll warn you that it does end with a cliffy, one that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next story to find out what happens.


JR Grant is an avid reader, fictional writer and bestselling author of Shattered Promises and Lost Until You. When she's not tending to one of her kids sporting events, or plotting her next story, you can catch her on the beach with her kindle in hand, soaking up the sun. For more information or to contact the author, visit one of her social media sites below.


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