June 19, 2015

The Illusion of Annabella by Jessica Sorensen ~ FMR REVIEW

ABOUT The Illusion of Annabella:

Annabella Baker has always lived a normal life with a loving family. She had dreams of going to college and becoming a dancer. But the summer before her senior year, the life she knew is ripped away from her, and she’s left wondering if it ever really existed in the first place.
Six months later, Annabella is living an entirely different life. The loving family she had no longer exists, and the girl who dreamed of being a dancer can barely walk. She spends most of her time getting into trouble and living in denial over what happened. One night she takes things one step too far and is left dealing with the consequences.
Put under house arrest, Annabella can no longer run away from her problems. With the help of her cute, sweet neighbor, Luca Benton, she rediscovers the girl she used to be, and finally learns the truth about what really happened that horrible day that changed her life forever.




“I decided that I needed to stop watching life and actually live it”…total these for this book!!! Annabella watching her life from the outside and was too afraid to take control back. Suffering in the pain that was propelled at her, she felt it her duty to endure all of the weight that it bestowed. It wasn’t until a little faith, in the form of a geeky yet completely adorable next door neighbor, stepped in and showed her that stepping back into herself would be the most freeing thing she could do. This book offered love, loss, depth of self, redemption and forgiveness. Emotion created to make me feel and see Annabella for the beautifully complicated character that she was and watch her flourish into thebeautiful young woman she was meant to be. 

When gripping a reality so hard to take, Annabella is thrust into a world she had no idea existed and all the control she thought she has is ripped away. After a tragic accident claims the only life she’s known, choices need to be made, good or bad, Annabella struggles to survive in the new world created for her. Enter the hunky yet completely nerdy new neighbor Luca and all of the control she is trying desperately to grab onto is thrown out the window. “Besides, there’s more to you than just your looks, even if you don’t want me to think so”.  He see her…really sees beyond thefront she putting up, which shocks her and makes her more curious than ever. They are amazingly adorable and watching them both heal each other is the highlight of the book.

This was such a magnificent book that I blew through it in one sitting! It drew me in and captured my attention and heart from the very start. These two beautifully broken teens were dynamic and brilliant as they fought through more than they should have at their age, to begin to live life to its fullest! I really enjoyed this book and all the feels that I received from it. Total recommend and 5 star read all the way!!

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Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.


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