June 05, 2015

Blurred Lines by Chloe Walsh ~ FMR REVIEW


Mackenzie Moore's world came crashing down on her when she was just a child. Her innocence was robbed. Her future was corrupted and dismantled.

The events of Mackenzie's past have morphed her into the heartless creature she comes across as. She trusts no one, feels nothing, and avoids everyone... everyone except her step-brother Cade.

Cade is the one person who can shake Mackenzie's icy facade. 

Cade is also the one person who is utterly forbidden...

But living together in such small quarters leads to blurred lines...

***Warning Explicit Content 18+*** 

This fictional story focuses on the lives of high school students and contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, promiscuity, bullying, physical violence, excessive bad language, self-harm, rape, abduction, cheating, child abuse, and substance abuse. Some scenes in this book may be extremely upsetting for some readers and due to its explicit content, Blurring Lines is recommended for mature readers of eighteen years old and above.


Review by: Heather 

Cade and Kenzie have loved each other basically since the time they met at 10 years old. They became fast best friends and were inseparable. As they started to grow up, those feeling started to blossom into something more. A profound love that is so rare is people so young. At the tender age of 15 they are ripped apart in such a way that you wonder how can they ever recover?
When they are reunited after 3 years everything has changed and not for the best. Lives altered forever.

While reading this book, I felt so many things. I felt Cade's struggle and his heartache. At times I wanted to reach into my kindle and hug him while simultaneously punching him in the face. My heart broke for Kenzie and she had gone through yet her strength was inspiring. With a cast of secondary characters who are mostly horribly human beings who really enhanced the story and added an authenticity that only Chloe Walsh could create. 

The plot line is not an easy one to read. I cringed at what these characters went through and felt every ounce of pain they felt. I was immersed into this story from page one and the end left me breathless and rooting for Kenzie who it one of the best heroines of 2015. 

Blurring Lines is not your average love story. It is dark, at times brutal and utterly beautifully heart breaking. Chloe's words invoke every feeling imaginable and some you didn't even know existed. This is not a book you read. This is a book you feel deep into your soul and experience in your heart. 

5++ stars 

Review by: Sam

One of my best friends had been recommending Chloe Walsh to me for so long, and I kind of want to kick my own ass for holding out!

It has taken me WEEKS to find words for this review because THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I shit you not, my heart, body, mind and soul just seriously ache! From the very first page, I was invested into this heart wrenching story of a little girl and boy who are the best of friends. But this isn't just a friendship, this is a connection between two young souls who love and adore each other from such a young age. Cade and Kenzie spend every given moment together and the journey you are taken on watching them take on hormones and feelings toward each other was so real and expressive. 
But at the age of just 15, still so young and innocent, the whole world falls apart for these characters, they are ripped from each other in such an excruciating and brutal way that you do not know what the hell is gonna happen! I found myself curled up, sobbing my heart out and wanting to climb into my kindle and do everything to stop all of the pain Cade and Kenzie were going through!

Time and experiences change people, and after such a long time, they are reunited. But so much has happened, changes are in place and both Cade and Kenzie are completely different people. For many reasons.

Supporting characters made me want to invest in a chainsaw and hit em up with something resembling Texas Chainsaw Massacre. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! I'm talking HATE! So much HATE for these characters, I'm not sure they will EVER be redeemable! But I'm ok with that! I believe in Karma and I hope each of the characters who inflicted and added to the agony both characters were already feeling, will sure as hell get their share of pain!  

Chloe Walsh has written a story that consumes you. The feels are absolutely out of this world. I was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and as an avid reader that is the one thing I crave from a new book. Chloe Walsh has delivered something absolutely SPECTACULAR! 
Everyone reading this review, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! That ending ripped my insides out and is holding them prisoner and I LOVE EVERY DAMN SECOND OF IT! 

                                         5++ stars 


Chloe Walsh was born and raised in West Cork, Ireland. From a young age she became engrossed in the world of books, devouring work from authors like Bernadette Leach, Claire Hennessy & Enid Blyton. 

As a teenager, Chloe excelled in most subjects at school and shone on a football pitch, yet socialising proved difficult – she has suffered all her life from depression, acute social agoraphobia and OCD.

Plagued with mental health issues as a young teenager, Chloe relied heavily on her flair for writing as her own personal form of therapy when she was unable to interact with the outside world. She wrote vividly and passionately in her bid to relieve her festering anxiety. She wrote about a world she was unable to interact with.

With the support of the tremendous teaching staff at St Brogan’s College, even though she was unable to attend school on a regular basis, Chloe was able to sit her Junior Certificate in 2005 and six years later – at the ripe ‘old’ age of 21 – her Leaving Certificate.

College, even though Chloe was certainly bright enough to attend, was neither an achievable nor a realistic goal for Chloe – though she futilely tried to make it work.
Inevitably, because of her illness, Chloe had to reluctantly let go of her dream of attending university and instead took several long distance correspondence courses – in psychology, childcare and counselling – where she learned on her own.

In January 2014, Chloe started to write about a cocky, self-assured man named Kyle Carter, and five weeks later, on Valentine’s day 2014, she self-published her debut novel, Break My Fall, for a handful of her loyal and patient friends who had called over for tea, read bits and pieces of Kyle, and wanted to read the story on their Kindles rather than printed sheets.

No one was more surprised than Chloe when the book was a huge success, reaching No1 in the UK iTunes and Amazon bestsellers lists. The enormity of her success, even though she is grateful, cause her bouts of anxiety – she is social agoraphobic after all – but the support of her husband, parents, siblings, and friends is a huge help.


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  1. OMG!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Chloe is one amazing author. Her words certainly does bring out emotions in you. God, love her <3