June 04, 2015

Across the Distance by Marie Meyer ~ FMR REVIEW


There’s a drawer I never open. It holds a picture I never look at. It reminds me of a day I hate to remember, but I’ll never forget.

I’d give anything to be like the other girls on campus. Going to parties, flirting with boys, planning for a future. But that’s not me. And hasn’t been since the day my parents died. The only thing that got me through was Griffin. Even though I didn’t have my family, I always had him. Only, now I’m not so sure I do.
It’s not just the eleven hundred miles separating us now that I’m at college. And it’s more than his band finally taking off, and all the gigs and girls suddenly demanding his time. It’s like everything is different—the way we talk, the way we text . . . the way he looks at me and the way his looks make me feel.
Griffin has been the only good thing in my life since that horrific day. I can feel our friendship slipping away—and I’m terrified of what will be left in its place…

Review by: Sam 

Across The Distance by Marie Meyer is a sweet story of friends to lovers. Two characters who share a wonderful connection and the friendship they have is tested by distance. 

Jillian has been dealt a pretty tough hand in her young life. Facing the devastation every day of her parents deaths, to growing up under the care of her grandparents and then the older she gets, living with her cold hearted sister, who ultimately blames Jillian for the cause of their parents death. Jillian has learnt to not get her sister fired up, just so she can have an easy life.
Jillian has one AMAZING person in her life who has always been by her side, her best friend Griffin. He is the neighbour who blessed her with happiness in her darkest times, he is fiercely protective of Jillian and wants to see her shine.
Jillian is attending college hundreds of miles away. She is deeply saddened that she has to leave Griffin, and is anxious over how it will affect their bond and connection!
I'm not going to spoil any more of the storyline of this book, because I feel nobody reads the same book. But this sweet YA/NA novel was an absolute delight to read. It is fresh, but also has a lot of depth within the storyline. 
At times, I found Jillian a little frustrating, but I could understand WHY at times she was sheltered. Griffin was a beautiful Male lead, his strength, heart and protectiveness really was a beautiful thing to read. 
The bond Jillian and Griffin shared was so real, and from the very first chapter, you cannot wait for them both to take that next step, together.
For those who love fast paced, sweet, friends to lovers books, without the angst..... you will LOVE this!

4 Stars 

Author Bio 

Marie Meyer lives in southern Illinois with her husband, two daughters, and two spoiled rescue dogs. Once a college cheerleader, Marie now enjoys cheering for her girls’ gymnastics meets and soccer games. Marie received a Bachelors of Science in Education with a minor in music. Marie has been a Language Arts teacher for fourteen years and enjoys singing and playing the piano in her spare time. After spending her day in the classroom, when the sun goes down, Marie loves to escape into the pages of a good book—either reading one or writing one of her own. Marie loves to write heartfelt romances that will make you cry.

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