June 28, 2015


For the Love of Ash
by Taylor Lavati
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Maggie Larken is a reformed party girl. After her parent’s death, she’s left to raise Asher, her nine-year-old brother. 

Luke Wilson has done everything his parents have ever asked of him. A new teacher, Luke constantly questions where his life is headed. 

When Luke and Maggie meet, neither is in the market for a relationship. But sometimes life has other plans. Both navigate new waters as they try to decide where their priorities should lie, while also seizing what they want. 

In this heartbreakingly real tale of love, Maggie and Luke discover what being a family truly means. 

Review by: Leeann 

This is the story of a young woman, Maggie,  who has custody of her little brother Ash and is struggling to be a good parent & build a good life for them.

It is also about a young man, Luke, who has the most horrible excuse for a father who is struggling to not only build a life for himself, but
make sure he doesn’t turn out anything like him.

When Maggie & Luke meet the attraction between them is undeniable. They both for different reasons and at different times find reasons
they should not be together but when all is said & done they really need to dig deep & decide if they can work as a couple to not only raise
Ash, but overcome all the obstacles that are thrown their way and get their happy life that they both want & deserve.

This is a great story about the discovery of friendship, trust & love.

What I think Taylor Lavati has done well is write this story realistically. This couple didn’t just meet & fall in love at first sight. They built a relationship
based on friendship first and that took its natural course & developed as the story progressed.
Having Maggies younger brother play a big role in this story softened it made it a more family orientated journey and tied the story in stronger than
It would have without him.

There is a lot of detail In this book so if you like quick, move along at the speed of light books, then this one may be a bit long. But if you like attention
To detail & like to visualise things playing out as you are reading then you will enjoy this story.

The characters development from the start of the book to the end is complete which is why at the end I wasn’t sitting there scratching my head wondering about
anything that did or didn’t happen throughout their journey.

Overall this is an enjoyable story & I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars!!

4 Stars 

Review by: Tracy 

I really enjoyed this story. Great story line that dealt with real life topics. When Maggie and Asher lost their parents at a younger age, Maggie had to grow up way to fast. She decided what was truly important in life and gave up her life to take care of her little brother.

Luke had a hard home life, with a father who was never around and violent when he was. Luke decided to become a teacher, which is how he met Asher, and later discovers the cute fiery girl in his college class is in fact Maggie.

Maggie has to decide whether or not she can let her walls down for Luke. If she can, maybe just maybe she will realize that she isn't alone in life.

4 Stars 

Taylor Lavati is a twenty three year old student residing in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and flat-coated retriever. She enjoys writing books that are unique with dynamic characters. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult with ranging genres from fantasy to dark romance. 
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Twitter: @taylorjlavati

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