June 01, 2015

High Heat by Linda Morris ~ FMR REVIEW

The author of Melting the Millionaire’s Heart gives readers a front-row seat to her new Hard Hitters baseball series. First up at bat: a hotshot pitcher and a PR pro battle it out on and off the field…

Small-town Indiana tomboy Sarah Dudley grew up living and breathing baseball, since her father owned the minor league Plainview Thrashers. A talented player herself, she idolized her brother’s best friend: Tom Cord, a pitcher with a wicked fastball and an even more wicked reputation.

Now, Sarah is the Thrashers’ VP of public relations, and Tom—a star in the major leagues—has been assigned to the club while rehabbing from surgery. It’s Sarah’s job to keep the hard-throwing, hard-living star out of trouble. But when she gets a glimpse of the man behind the bad-boy image, they start to generate more heat than an inside fastball…

Review by: HEATHER 

Tom Cord, baseball's bad boy, is sent down to the minors after recovering from an elbow injury. Sarah's Dudley, the daughter of the Thrashers owner as well as head of PR has been crushing on Tom since she was a teenager. Taking charge to help Tom stay out of the media, Sarah and Tom embark on a sexual relationship that could cost her everything.
The premise was great. I love a good sports romance, however, this one was lacking. The characters I felt were underdeveloped and though I really did like both Tom and Sarah a lot, I wanted more. I have a hard time connecting with books written in the third person and I also felt a lot of times the writing, though good, was too formal. The sexy times were not as hot at I would have liked from the bad boy of baseball.

3 Stars 


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