January 24, 2017

Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two by


Preppy finds himself back in a world he once loved, but no longer recognizes. His dim smile can’t hide his inner turmoil and the people he views as family all suddenly feel like polite strangers. 

Except for one person. A girl with dark eyes and even darker hair. 
A girl who isn’t even an option. 

At least, not anymore. 

Dre can’t decide who she’s going to listen to. Her heart, her head, or her body. Because two out of those three things have her heading right back to Logan’s Beach. Closure is what she tells herself she’s seeking, but when she unlocks doors that were never meant to be opened she soon discovers that when it comes to Samuel Clearwater, closure might NEVER be an option. 

This is book six in the King Series and the second part of Preppy and Dre's story. 


Review by: Flavia 

This was me when this baby landed on my kindle


After I finished Part 1, I couldn't believe it ended like that. And then the waiting was on :-(

This book did not disappoint, everything was spot on.

The book starts up exactly where part 1 ended, where Dre found out that Preppy is alive. From there the story is all about how Preppy is adjusting to being back with his family. Learning how King has kids now and Bear has a fiancé with a baby on the way. It is difficult for him adjust to everything. As he says, in his mind he was hoping that time was on pause while he was gone and would pick up right when he left. But that's not how it works

So he is trying to adjust and dealing with what happened to him and coming to terms with his feelings for Dre and how will all of this come together.

It was exactly how we hoped it would be. Funny, fast paced, intense and just all around great story. And again T.M Frazier you are leaving us hanging...


I don't know if I can wait much longer to see how this ends


5+++++ Stars

Review by: Erin 

OMG!!! This series! This is everything!!! The feels, the tears, the love. This woman knows exactly how to tear you down just to bring you back up higher than ever. I have loved Preppy's character since the very first book. His story is heart-wrenching but full of so much hope. I loved the involvement of all the characters. Dre and Preppy are incredible characters and will quickly mark themselves on your soul.

5 Stars 

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