January 09, 2017

FMR Book Grind's 2016 Favorite Reads

FMR had the pleasure of reading so many great books in 2016! The list is HUGE! Scroll down and find some new great reads! 

Turbulence by Whitney G
Bad Judgement by Meghan March
Filthy by HJ Bellus
Fly by Molly McLain
Beard Science by Penny Reid
Without Restraint by Nicole Edwards
Checkmate:This is War by Kennedy Fox
Last Call by Staci Hart
Jax by JL Perry
A Place In The Sun by RS Grey
Shameless by Lex Martin
Toward The Sound of Chaos by Carmen Jenner
Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn
Man Candy by Melanie Harlow
The Ground Beneath Our Feet by Leslie McAdam
Hustler by Jessica Prince & Meghan Quinn
Royal Atlas by HJ Bellus
Wide Open Spaces by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Lucas by Jay McLean
Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland
Match Point by Leigh Carman
Jed Had To Die by Tara Sivec
A Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole
Pinky Promise by HJ Bellus
Sticks by T. Gephart
Wasted Words by Staci Hart
Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas
Bedwrecker by Kim Karr
The Fire Between High and Lo by Brittany Cherry
Dirty by HJ Bellus
Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn
The Score by Elle Kennedy
Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Felony Ever After by Various Authors
Dark Sexy Knight by Katy Regnery
Devils Kiss by Ella Frank
Freeing Falcon by Leigh Carman
Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward
Jagger by Heather C. Leigh
Bossman by Vi Keeland
Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg
The Summer Games: Settling The Score by RS Grey
Royally Screwed by Emma Chase
No Pants Required by Kim Karr
Rush by Nicole Edwards
The Viewing Room by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover

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