March 01, 2015

Chasing Desire by Joya Ryan - BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

Adult Contemporary Romance
Release: February 16, 2015
Publisher: Brazen/Entangled Publishing
It’s her best friend’s wedding, and Autumn Lane is trussed up in a pink bridesmaid dress with a big “everything is great” smile plastered across her face. She’s not going think about her life imploding, or spending the next two weeks housesitting in the ridiculously small town of Diamond. No, she’d rather think about the tattooed hottie in the wedding party…and how to turn the wicked way he’s looking at her into a night of intense pleasure.
Huck Galvin is fiercely attracted to his mystery woman’s no-BS attitude, but their one-night-no-strings plan backfires when Huck discovers that Autumn is the out-of-towner he’s “chaperoning” for the next two weeks. Outside the bedroom, the two can’t stand each other, yet Huck can’t deny how much he wants one more night with her. But Autumn isn’t going to make it easy for Huck. Not by a long shot…

Review by: Atalia

Chasing Desire is a sweet and spicy quick read. You will be left swooning and breathless as you come across Huck and Autumn’s encounters & follow them through their journey of finally finding their other half.

This is the second novel I’ve read from Joya Ryan and I was not disappointed. What I enjoyed most about the novel were the  characters themselves. Huck,  Autumn and the gang are such fun and likable characters that you are left wishing you could be part of the group and hang out with them. I also very much enjoyed the dual POV. I absolutely LOVE IT when we’re able to see through the eyes of both main characters. I feel that it brings so much to the story and helps readers understand the characters much better. Joya Ryan does a great job of this. Through her writing you are able to experience first-hand the hardships both characters went through that led to them becoming guarded and produced loneliness, loss of hope, and not being able to trust anyone when it came to matters of the heart. 

Autumn is total kickass! I loved her. She’s strong, loyal, independent, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The past is something she wishes she could forget but unfortunately its something she can’t let go of because of insecurity. To everyone, Autumn presents an image of an unfazed, “nothing can hurt me" woman. When inside, she’s hurting. That all changes when Huck comes blazing through.

Huck is a dreamboat!! Tattoos, piercings, and a huge heart. What more can a girl ask for ;-) Trust me, once you read the book, it will be hard not to love him. He’s the kind of guy who you know will always have your back, someone you can depend on. Unfortunately, due to past hurt, Huck’s desire to be in a relationship i pretty much nonexistent. One night with Autumn, has him rethinking his stance on sharing a future with someone.

Huck and Autumn both went through quite the damaging ordeals but finally they were able to find the missing piece they were both unconsciously looking for; each other. And finally they were made whole.
4 Stars
About the Author
National and International Bestselling Author.

Break Me Slowly: #1 Bestselling book in Contemporary Fiction and Women’s Fiction! by a long shot…

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