February 14, 2015

Finding Ever After by Stephanie Hoffman McManus - FMR REVIEW

TITLE: Finding Ever After (Ever After, #1)
AUTHOR: Stephanie Hoffman McManus
RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2014
The day she graduated high school, Jaxyn left everything behind to escape. Now, three years later, she's done running from her past and finally returning home to Boston to face the friends she abandoned without warning and the nightmares that still wake her in the night.

Back in the house that holds all of her childhood memories, from before life showed her that 'happily ever afters' don't come easy, she is unsure of what the future holds. She definitely wasn't expecting Kyden McCabe, the hot, tattooed and pierced musician she meets her first night back. He's arrogant, frustrating and completely wrong for her.

All she ever wanted as a little girl was to be swept off her feet by a prince, but Ky is nothing like the heroes from the stories her mom used to read to her. He lives his life one night stand at a time and she knows he's nothing but trouble.

Still haunted by her past and afraid to let anyone see the scars she hides, she fights the attraction she feels for Kyden and wonders if she'll ever find her storybook ending. Then a monster from her past threatens to rip away her chances before she realizes that maybe she already found it.

“It doesn’t matter what you wish for or how hard you wish for it, sometimes it just doesn’t come true.”

When Jaxyn was young she had to learn that the hard way when her mother got sick. She and her mother were best friends, with her mother often telling her stories of love and of her father. 

“Promise me you’ll be careful with your heart, sweet girl, that you’ll protect it and won’t give it away to just anyone. Wait for the man who is going to cherish it. You’re a princess and don’t you settle for anyone who doesn’t see that. You deserve a real prince charming.”

After that Jaxyn gets thrown into a life that she could never think possible. So after high school she leaves. She not only leaves behind that life but also her best friends. 3 years later she returns back home and has to apologize to those friends that she has left behind, and gets to make new ones in the process. One particular one that she would like more than just a friend. Hot, bad boy rocker Kyden, who isn’t looking for the same things she is. I think Jaxyn describes what she is looking for perfectly.

“I don’t know about you, but I want that mad, passionate, honest to God real love. When he touches me, I want it to ignite a fire in every part of me and I want to be kissed like there’s no one else in the whole world. I want to know that when he’s with me, that it’s only me he wants. I want to argue and fight with someone, knowing that we’ll work through it together, and I want to experience crazy, intense make up sessionsafter every fight. It should be terrifying, challenging and extraordinary; the feel it in your depths of your soul kind of love.”

The only question is….does she find it with Kyden?

4 Stars

I'm a lover of all things books! I've been hooked on reading my whole life and am just as passionate about writing. Words have the power to open our eyes and hearts to new ideas and new worlds. Anything is possible between the between the pages of a book. I've had my heart broken and then mended again, I've laughed, cried and wanted to cry out in frustration. A good author has the ability to make you feel their story and relate to their characters. That's all I want to do. My goal isn't perfection, but to make the reader feel it.I have a beautiful son who is seven years old and when I'm not reading or writing, I'm building forts and having Nerf battles. Feel free to add me or find me on Facebook. I love talking to people and I appreciate honest feedback!

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