February 15, 2015

Devlin UnLeashed by Bethany Bazile - FMR REVIEW

TITLE: Devlin UnLeashed
AUTHOR: Bethany Bazile
RELEASE DATE: January 12, 2015
Devlin Ward was a ruthless man. 

A man born among violence with a heavily burdened mind. 
He wasn't the sort of man fairy tales were made of, but he was sinfully beautiful, and addictively seductive. 
Dark and dangerous, yet utterly alluring. 
I’d fooled myself once, only allowing myself to see the beauty in him despite the shadows I’d glimpsed in his eyes. 
When that darkness took over, I ran. 
And now he’s found me. 
He’d trusted me with his love and now he wants it back. And he’s all too willing to crush my heart to make his whole again. 

Juliana betrayed me. 

Went against everything I believed in and pushed the monster I tried to keep hidden out into the open. 
Our love was twisted—and I’d made it that way. But I wasn't prepared to let it go. 
I hunted her for years, picking up traces of her scent as she moved from city to city to escape me. 
Now that I've found her, I’m not sure even her fiery light can brighten the blackout she left me in when she walked away. 


WOW! This is a very dark but amazing story. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The characters pulled me in immediately. It was so well written I could feel their pain. 

Devlin is dark and dangerous. He feels like he is losing his grip on reality. Even with their complicated past, he is still drawn to Juliana. He knows he is no good for her, and that when she realizes who he is she will hate him. But he can't be without her. 

Juliana is weary of men after what happened to her. But she is drawn to Devlin. She doesn't understand it. She falls for him, hard. But then she learns the truth. She learns that love can forgive anything.

5 Stars

This is going to be a really hard review to write, but only because I'm not sure how to review this book and be completely open and not give away any spoilers.

Devlin Unleashed is one of those books that keep your attention by making you think if you turn just one more page, you'll find out just what the hell is going on.

For Juliana Callahan, life hasn't always been an easy thing. Her father isn't who she thinks he is. And because of a bad business deal, Juliana ends up paying a very, very high price at age 17. 

It changes her into someone that isn't quite who she really is. She's careful, suspicious, and afraid most of the time. She goes to school to become something she isn't sure she really wants to be, but she owes it to her dad.

One day, a coffee disaster at age 22 brings the danger back into her life; full circle.
Devlin knows the monster he's capable of being. Knows that the quiet, almost shy Juliana shouldn't fascinate him like she does. But the monster inside won't leave her alone.
Juliana feels her instincts trying to warn her to run, to get away from the dangerous man standing in front of her. But her heart tells her to stay.

As the story unfolds, Devlin and Juliana run a marathon as they try to make a relationship around secrets and mental illness. At one point I almost threw my tablet across the room: The only thing I could think was "WTF?" 

I don't want to give anything away. Just know that Bethany Brazille wove a story that will keep you guessing, keep you wanting to turn the page and make you ask yourself..."Are you F'n kidding me?"

4 Stars

Bethany Bazile reads, writes, and lives in the Northeast with her husband and two amazing kids. Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music. She loves books that draw her in and won’t release her until she’s inhaled every word, panting with excitement. Then she realizes the sun came up, but the loss of sleep was so worth it. When she isn't reading, she’s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers. She can’t function without her cup of coffee and operates on a vampire-like time-frame.

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