February 05, 2015

Keys To My Cuffs by Lani Lynn Vale ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: Keys to My Cuffs
Series: The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #4
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
 Release Date: February 5, 2015


You’re the Keys

Loki’s life was a lie. Everything he’d done for the last eight years was under an assumed name for the Benton Police Department. He’d lied, cheated, and stolen all in the name of the law. He wore himself thin, and not even the open road could take away the pain anymore. Then his little next door neighbor moved in, and suddenly he had a reason to get out of bed every morning. Except he was an officer of the law, and a member of a prominent motorcycle club in the area, The Dixie Wardens MC. Neither of which she could deal with.

To My

It wasn’t the scars that covered her new neighbor’s body that scared Channing. It was the badge. The fact that he belonged to The Dixie Wardens MC was only icing on the cake. She should be running away as fast as her legs could carry her. But there’s something about Bryce ‘Loki’ Rector. Something that eased the unreasonable fear she felt every time she came into contact with something that reminded her of her past.


They say love isn’t easy, and it definitely isn’t for the two of them. Loki has to learn to feel again, and Channing has to learn to live. Their road isn’t an easy one by any means, but Loki makes two promises. One, he’ll never let anything hurt Channing again. Two, it’d be over his dead body that he’d ever let her go.

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Review by Tatia 

I love MC books. The gritty, angsty, mess that usually comes along with them are what make them better. Well, that's not what we got with this one.
Loki is a Benton police officer. Not only that, but he's part of the Dixie Wardens MC. He's also undercover right now investigating a ring of rapes that have hit the town hard. It doesn't hurt that the girl next door has caught his attention.
Channing is now one of my favorite heroines ever. She's as feisty as they come. She lives in a rundown neighborhood and does makeup at night...for the dead. It's not a cushy job, but she cherishes the quiet. She's got some anxiety issues that stem from an incident with someone posing as a cop when she was 16. Needless to say, she doesn't like cops now, regardless of the fact that the guy wasn't really one. But she can hold her own. This girl was raised right. Her momma and daddy taught her well. She doesn't take crap from anyone and can take care of herself.

These two eventually get together, and let me tell you, there are fireworks. Hot, bright, blinding fireworks. I loved how they didn't depend on each other. They didn't need the other one to survive. They gave each other hell and loved every minute of it.
"You know what? F- you! I'm not un-calm!"
"Then would you like to explain to me why you're all in my face like a batshit crazy little harpy?"

There wasn't a part of this book that I didn't enjoy. I was expecting to read another bland MC book that was just like all of the others. But I was wrong!  There were times that I was laughing out loud, which was hard to do since I went hoarse the day before reading it. I just want to know why I'd never heard of these books and this author before! I swear I highlighted almost half of the book because the lines were just that outrageously funny! If you need a good laugh, this is definitely the book to read.

4.5 Stars 

Review by Erin 

This story follows along the lines of the previous 3 books. All the characters are still prevalent in the story. There are also a couple revelations on some older characters. The story jumps around some in the beginning between past and present to give the whole story of the main characters. There are a couple new character additions. The story is more focused on the drama than on the love connection. Overall it was a good book.

4 Stars 

Reviews by Erin 

Lights to My Siren by Lani Lynn Vale

First book in the Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC series.
We meet Sebastian. Firefighter, single father, and VP of the Dixie Wardens. Sebastian meets Baylee who is a paramedic in the next town over. Baylee who is not only a daughter of a cop but a sister of a cop as well. How well would a relationship with Sebastian work with them? Sebastian doesn’t care, because for the first time in many years he wants a woman, Baylee specifically, on the back of his bike.
I loved this book only because Baylee and Sebastian were so good together. There were so many funny quotes that made me laugh along the way that I had to share some of them.
“A good man breaks your headboard, not your heart. –rules to live by”
“They know how to handle big…hoses. – why you should date a firefighter”
“Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. – keys to a healthy relationship”
“You flipped the bitch switch, so buckle up an enjoy the ride asshole! – text from Baylee to Sebastian”
And my all-time favorite thought by Sebastian and was when you truly felt the love he had for Bailey. “I’ll love you for the rest of my life she said. No Baylee, I thought. You may love me for the rest of your life but I’ll love you for the rest of mine, you’re it for me. Don’t leave me like this, you promised.”
****swoon**** If you didn’t love Sebastian during the book you will by the end of it I promise you that. I loved Baylee because of her spit fire attitude that was just too funny.
 5 Stars

Halligan to my Axe by Lani Lynn Vale

Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC book 2
In this story we meet another firefighter, Kettle. And then there is Adeline, who gets to meet sexy as sin Kettle when she puts in a call to 911 when there is a funny smell coming from the apartment below her. Turns out, that sexy firefighter, who she secretly watches every morning when he goes for a run, lives in her building. Turns out, that smell from the apartment below her is just the start of her troubles and just the beginning of Kettle being the one to come and rescue her.
Like Sebastian and Baylee, Kettle and Adeline had me cracking up throughout the book.
“She asked me to say something sexy to her, so I whispered ‘I’m a fireman’- Kettle to Adeline”
“You asked your hot firefighter neighbor that belongs to a motorcycle club to dinner. Does this mean you want to bang him? Shine his fire pole? Work his throttle? Ride him like a Harley?” Did I mention that Adeline had a twin sister that was just as funny?
“Save a truck. Ride a fireman. – text from Adeline to Baylee”
Love isn’t easy and unfortunately Kettle and Adeline have to battle the odds and determine whether or not what they have is worth it in the end.
5 Stars

Kevlar to my Vest by Lani Lynn Vale

Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC book 3

Its Viddy’s turn for love! Who’s Viddy you ask? Remember I mentioned Adeline’s funny twin sister from the last book? This is her!
Oh and she gets to fall in love with hot as hell cop Trance. What kind of name is Trance? His brothers in the MC gave him that nickname since he has one eye blue and one eye green and can hold your stare and keep you in a trance.
Viddy met Trance in Kettle and Adeline’s love story and now we get to see how they fell for each other. Of course all love stories aren’t easy. For Trance and Viddy they started out as friends, with Vance being her best friend, the one she could call when she needed someone most.  When she had to say goodbye to her dog, when she needed to get rid of her shit head of a boyfriend, when she wanted Trance to be so much more than what he was.
This one tugged at my heart a few times.
“I promise to never use your dishes on another puppy. I will forever keep your name sacred, and I will forever remember you. When I go to work and find some of your hair on my shirt, I’ll remember that you used to roll in my clean laundry, and smile. I love you so much, and I’ll miss you like crazy, Hem.”
“If you’ve ever passed your husband while he was making a bust, and you didn’t make eye contact. – you might be a police wife”
“Did you take a nap for mommy? I asked her. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head, making her blond hair ringlets swirl about her head. ‘Abso-fucking-lutely-not’. My head hung. ‘You’re going to make mommy mad at me,’ I told her. She looked at me with calm, serious eyes. ‘No she won’t. I won’t let her.’ And for some reason I believe her.”
How could you not love that family that they made? Give me a cop like Trance and I would die a happy woman.

5 stars

Keys to my Cuffs by Lani Lynn Vale

Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC book 4

We meet Loki , undercover cop, living next door to Channing and her brother Andrew. Let’s first start out by saying that Channing has a fear of cops so when she finds out that the hot neighbor she has been fantasizing about is actually a cop, you can imagine how things go….well you would be wrong. Because when lust takes over, there is no telling what could happen. One hot night is all it takes for lives to change. Then Loki leaves, thinking it’s what he needs to do to keep Channing safe, but was it the best decision for them?
Can love safe them both? Will their love be enough to get them through the shit storm that is about to enter their world? Will the truth be too much to handle?
Okay I am going to be honest with my review. I originally signed on because of the hot as hell model on the cover of the book, which led me to review the others. So the only reason this got 4 stars while the others in this series got 5 was because there wasn’t as much humor and heart tugging as the others. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, Loki was swoon worthy, I just expected more based on the previous ones.
Loki’s swoon worthy moment: “Sometimes love wasn’t about intimacy. Sometimes it was about just being with the person you loved. Knowing they were close. Feeling their skin on yours. Smelling their scent. Laughing with you. That’s what I had with Channing. Peace. Love. Forever.”
So far I am loving the brothers of the Warden MC!

 4 stars

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Author Bio

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.

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