February 05, 2016

Until September by Andrea Smith ★ FMR REVIEW

Until September
(September, #1)
by Andrea Smith

ABOUT Until September:

When her mother deserted her and her younger half-sister, Scout, five years earlier, September was sent to live with her grandparents in Mississippi. Five years and no one has heard from her mother. 

So, when September is asked to spend the summer in Arkansas to watch over Scout, she can hardly refuse. She hasn't seen Scout in awhile, and she can certainly use the money for college. 

She meets a young man while there, and though he tries to strike up a relationship with the beautiful September, she is drawn to someone else. Someone older. A most unlikely match but the chemistry can't be denied. At summer's end, September has no desire to return home. Soon after, they all receive some devastating news that threatens to change everything. 

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Review by: Tracy

September Dawson definitely hasn't had an easy life, especially once her mother abandoned her and her half sister Scout. 
September was sent to live with her grandparents and Scout wasn't. Years have gone by so when September was asked to spend the summer looking over Scout she jumped at the chance to see her sister again.While there she meets not one but two men. One that should be perfect for her and one that is completely forbidden. 

Have you ever read a book and thought "ok, I liked it. But there was just something about it that I didn't." That's me with this book. I love a forbidden romance just like everyone else, but something about Until September just didn't draw me in like I had hoped. Maybe it was the characters and the way they were together or the situation itself that had a disconnect with me. It was good and I recommend it, just tread carefully.

3.5 Stars

Review by: Nicole

In the Beginning we learn about a 13 year old September. Her mom is leaving them to start a new life. She promises to come back for her and maybe her sister but at the moment she had to leave. So September is left alone with her half sister and very young step father. He isn't sure what to do so he sends her off to live with her grandparents.

Years later September is weeks away from being 18 and her step dad has invited her out to watch over her little sister. The fact of making some extra money and seeing her sister again, September gladly accepts his invitation.

Soon after getting there she learns she has feelings for someone she shouldn't. She isn't sure if she should keep it to herself or possibly pursue these feelings.

I had mixed emotions about this book. September isn't very smart and by the way she thinks it makes it hard to follow along. Also September's love interest made me feel icky. Something about it was just wrong. The think that kept me interested was the drama. September has some issues with the neighbor next door which kept me interested but that's about it for me.

3.5 Stars

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