February 04, 2016

Pucked Over by Helena Hunting ~ FMR REVIEW

Pucked Over (Pucked #3) by Helena Hunting 


Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, she’s definitely willing to give it a shot. And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all. 

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. Randy’s more than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene. 

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someone’s bound to gets pucked over


Review by: Erin 

I am still rolling in the floor! I love this author’s ability to write a truly beautiful story that still has me rolling in laughter. Her characters are outstanding and will stay with you long after you finish the story. I love that she keeps Alex, Violet, Sunny, and Miller in the storyline. The interactions between all of these characters are phenomenal. All of the relationship dynamics keep you hooked. Lily and Randy have a very complex yet fun-filled relationship. Their chemistry is off the charts and their connection is strong from the very start. There are a couple twists thrown in there just to keep you guessing how it will end. I could not put it down. I stayed up all night so that I could finish this book. I am looking forward to the next book.

5 Stars 

Review by: Dawn 

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this series? This is by far my FAVORITE one! It will be hard to top Lilly and Randy! For me no matter what Helena always has a way of making her characters fresh and different from the other ones but carefully still interacts them with characters from the past. That is what she did with this one. She brought Fresh characters into the fold so to speak. Although we know them from other books we don't really know what they are about. I loved these two more than any of the others. The way they fight for time with each other and the way they both are trying not to allow their feelings in. But in the end they have to face everything and figure out if it is worth it to put it all on the line. I couldn't help but love this book more than the others!! A book that is so well written that I will be going back to it time and time again!!! 

5 Stars 

Review by: Amy C 

BALLS, BALLS, BALLS... add in a sweet sassy side of figure skater and you've got yourself the making for a casual fling-a-ma-ling, so to say. Lily and Randy try to go about the non relationship thing by keeping things ever so cool. No real phone calls, the "see you when I see you" line flies around conversation and the weeks in between visits... You know, just to keep things interesting. But when time apart starts to suck, casual starts to really seem like its more than its pucking worth.

Well, I for one loved Lily way back when she wanted to kick Benji's granola ass in Alex's cottage. I loved her spunk and her sass. I loved how in this book she came into her own. She was the determined woman we caught a glimpse of previously, but really got to see shine here. Sure she's mouthy, but she's fierce and loyal and would do anything to make it on her own. She was brave to try with Randy, not knowing where it would lead her especially with his reputation.   Seeing her have to work at her venerability was as cute as it was rewarding.

"Randy Balls is more than a name." THAT'S FOR SURE!! He was so quick witted and sure of himself. Brazen and charismatic yet tender and rough....he was so many things through out this book I was starting to think I wasn't going to figure him out. Once I saw him begin to trust Lily, the real Randy came out. The chemistry between those two was electric!! They completed each other like I never thought possible. Their dynamic was pure genius and absolutely amazing to read!!

This series was superfund for me. I completely loves Alex and Viloet...I mean Violet people!! And Buck & Sunny were adorable in a furry granola covered way. But Lily and Randy had that spark that really rivals all of these other characters combined. Their story was a gradual one that was worth every page turn and every sigh let out. Did the hockey pro score the figure skater? I'd like to say yes...but really it wasn't a "score" for Randy as it was a win for them both! Cute, easy read & complete recommend 4.75 stars! -FMR Book Grind

Review by: Gina 

I loved this book! It was a hard one to put down. It was hilarious, and HOT, and sweet. I loved Randy's nickname, Balls, and all the innuendos that came with that, It was hilarious! I'm not too big on the whole beard and man bun thing but the way Randy was described in this book has changed my mind! I am a changed woman because of Randy! 

I thought the story line flowed nicely. It's duel point of view, which is one of my favorite ways to read. The book wasn't over dramatic but there was enough drama to keep you interested. It was great to catch up with previous characters in past books. 

Lily just got out of a long term relationship, Randy is a non-commitment kind of guy but these two have this chemistry that makes it hard for either of them to deny. While I loved the story and there were some twists and turns, I feel like this idea several times. Overall, it was a great book. A perfect addition to the series and I am looking forward to reading more. 

4.5 Stars 

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