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Title: The Hunted
Author: H.J. Bellus
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: Feb 22nd


The Hunted
Revenge. Blood. Lies. Hate.

The good guy is the bad guy and the bad guy is the good guy.

Or is that what they want you to believe?

In a city where crime is at an all time high and new mutilated bodies are showing up every day, who do you trust?

He’s the silent neighbor who vanishes at night and reappears when the morning news is reporting on the latest victim.

How do you know this?

You watch him through the curtains as his silent stalker. Everything about him is twisted, but you can’t get past his stare. It’s hypnotizing and the hardest pull you’ve ever experienced...you know it’s all wrong.

Then he walks through your front door covered in blood. 

Who will you trust?





“You’ve been fucking that blond all American kid,” he adds.
“I haven’t fucked him.”
“Has he tasted you?”
I slowly nod, feeling ashamed.
“Like I said, you’ve been fucking around with him.”
I scramble to tell him everything and how he’s held this power over me. “It’s your face I see when I’m with him. It’s your face I see when I go to bed. It’s you who I want.” I clutch the sides of his face. “But you won’t give me all of you.”
“Van!” Stew yells, followed by a shit ton of ruckus out in the club.
He sets me down and is gone within seconds. My hands cover my thumping chest as I realize what just happened. My tongue darts out, licking up the little bit of his taste that he left behind on my swollen lips.
Glass crashes in the far off distance as I hear bones breaking and screams soon fill the air over the commotion. I remain frozen to the wall, paralyzed by what just happened. The violence outside doesn’t even rattle me because there’s nothing left to stir up. He’s taken all of me.
Shaking the nonsense from my head, I peek out the end of the hallway and see utter destruction and chaos filling the club and Van is right in the middle of it.
His shirt is ripped once again and this time all the way off as he tries to take down two large men who clearly pissed him off. He gains the upper hand as Stew joins him and helps usher the men to the door.
A few dancers huddled together join me in the dark hall.
“What happened?” I inquire.
“I don’t know. The men just started beating the shit out of each other.”
A petite blonde who is newer and I only know by her stage name Sweet Cheeks speaks up, “I think they may have been exchanging drugs…”
Honey interrupts her, “You saw nothing and will repeat nothing. It’s the only way to stay safe around here.”
Honey stares me down with disgust. “And this bitch deserves no fucking answers.”
I feel the need to defend myself but the venom streaming from her warns me it’s not worth the fucking fight. Pushing out my chest, I ignore her ass. I guarantee she knows exactly what just went down between Van and me. He doesn’t want a stripper whore, he wants me. That’s prize enough.
The front doors to the club slam shut, shattering some glass. When we peek around the corner, Stew and Van make their way back into the club and Van roars, “Closed for the night! Get the fuck out!”
Bodies scatter in every direction. The dancers ditch me to go get dressed–I guess you don’t have to tell them twice about going home early. The large digital clock on the wall reads ten thirty.
Holy shit, Stew is closing down four hours early. Something must be seriously wrong. My legs quake underneath me from the shit storm that just attacked my world. Once they steady up a bit, I walk out into the bar and spot Van down on his knees, examining a little baggy of white powder.
“Bay, head home. The lunch crew can clean up.” Stew’s slumped over on a stool with a whiskey in his hand.
“I can stay and help out.” My voice is feeble as my legs tremble.
“Get your ass home,” Stew grits out.
It’s with dread that I go for my purse and hoodie. Van doesn’t look up as he’s intent on whatever he’s studying. It’s a white powdery substance sprinkled across the floor. My body hungers to go to him, but I know whatever we just shared has been bottled back and locked tightly within him.
“I’ll be back.” I turn to see Van following me out of the club.
Focusing forward, my feet pound the pavement and I hear Van meeting me step for step. My hands fumble with the keys and finally unlock the door, flipping on the porch light quickly. I look back to see Van standing on the sidewalk and then he fades away into the darkness of the night going the opposite way to his place.
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Review by: Leeann 

This is very different from anything I have been reading in a long long time.
This story is not all rainbows & lollipops. It's gritty, emotional & raw.
HJ Bellus has taken her 2 characters, Van & Bay, she has ripped them apart piece by piece & then put them back together and
repaired them, rebuilt them and restored them bit by bit. She has created a forever once in a lifetime love.

I actually don’t remember the last time a character was so facinating and enthralling to me that at times I actually felt like I was reading about a friend/family member.
But that is exactly what happened with Van & Bay. I felt like Bay was my sister & Van was my friend that I wanted to wrap up in cotton wool & protect from the world!

Van & Bay probably seem doomed to most readers from the beginning but the are perfectly matched. She calls him her big bad wolf, but that is as far from the truth as you
can get. He doesn’t love easily, but when he does he is all in.
Bay is just gorgeous. She sees something in Van that no one does & it was never a question that she would belong to him.

HJ Bellus has once again brought her characters to life in a way that has you falling in love with them and her writing.
As an added bonus, her cover for this book is so spot on, this is exactly what I pictured Van to look like & having that visual made it easier to picture him in my mind within the context
of the story.

Well done to HJ Bellus on giving us another 5+ star story!

5 Stars 

Review by: Erin 

This story kept me on the edge of my seat, because there was absolutely no way for me to guess what was going to happen. There was just so much going on! There is the relationship between Bay and her best friend Ivy which is full of drama. The relationship between Bay and her mother, which I absolutely loved! Then you have Bay herself, who is kind of a recluse and keeps to herself. She is not really the outgoing type. Add to that Van and all his secrecy, and the evil that is his family. Bay and Van together is magic. They both help each other with their pasts and idiosyncrasies. Their chemistry is so off the charts HOT!!! I want a Van for myself! Once they turn themselves loose, their relationship takes off very quickly. The storyline was incredible and there were several parts that had me in tears. The story has a dark feel to it, but ends with so much light. Beautiful!

4.5 Stars 

Review by: Kim 

Sex, blood, violence, a strip club. These are all things you'll find inside the pages of this book.
I am a newbie to this author and it took me a few chapters before I began to understand the writing style. There was a point where I began to wonder if in fact there was just simply too much going on in this book for theauthor to keep track of. (Boy was I wrong!)
Even though there were places where I was thinking the author lost track, the romance is out of this world- crazy Hot! The suspense enough to make me eat a whole bag of chips before I realized it.
Van Hollis has a ton of crap going on in his life and his past isn't anything a simple girl should get involved with. And WTF...his family is....If you think you're family is awful, just read this book!
Basil (Love that name), she's a bit different and for a while I thought maybe there was something in her life that put her off people. But as I read I began to understand her a little better so her bold then scared thing didn't put me off anymore. 
Thoughout this book, it seemed that the story line was a little jumpy, but the author did an excellent job weaving it all together into an amazing story.
Sometimes we can't see just how our pasts and our families shape our lives and the individuals that we become.
The Hunted is a story about a man trying to overcome his shaping and the woman who shows him just how good he really is.

4 Stars 


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