November 19, 2015

With Gratitude & Love by Skye Turner ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: With Gratitude and Love
Author: Skye Turner
Genre: Contemporary/Military Romance
 Release Date: November 19, 2015


Bestselling romance author, Maloree Arceneaux’s steamy stories have created dedicated fans around the world, though in reality her love life is lackluster at best. The troops are important to her and she’s always supported them in whatever way she can.

Cord Hoffman is a Sergeant with the United States Army who is stationed overseas. Joining the Army straight out of high school, he’s always envisioned the military would be not only his career, but his life.

Fighting for his country is something Cord takes great pride in, though being single and away from family is starting to take a toll on him.

One fateful day, Cord receives a thoughtful gift of a simple cup of coffee from a stranger through the Java for a Joe program. After reaching out to the sender, an unlikely friendship is formed.

As time passes, Maloree and Cord’s friendship progresses across the miles and feelings blossom.

When granted leave for the holidays, Cord decides to seek Maloree out.

Will two people who found each other through the words of a simple gesture, sent from a world away, have a real chance at love once they’re face to face? Or will their romance be tucked away as a beautiful memory along with the letters signed… With Gratitude and Love…

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Review by: Tracy 

What starts out as something so simple and meant from the heart turns out to be quite the love story. Maloree was a romance novelist whose own love life was quite lacking. The troops have always been important to her and she did whatever she could to support them. She sent coffee to troops through the Java for a Joe program. Cord Hoffman was on the receiving end of the cup of coffee. Cord decided to write the sender a thank you letter. That when friendship blossomed between the two, exchanging letters while Cord was overseas. When Cord was granted leave for the holidays and decided to seek Maloree out. Their friendship was easy on paper, but could something more blossom when they are together in person?

I have very few authors who will wow me with 5-star reads. Skye Turner gets to be one of them. To say this book was amazing is an understatement. It took a topic that so many face on a daily basis and turned it into a true love story. Love isn’t easy, it takes work and dedication. The tens of thousands that are separated from their loved ones can attest to that. Not only was it a great topic but it was so beautifully written. I connected with these two characters on so many different levels. I couldn’t put the book down.

5 Stars 

Review by: Leeann 

Ok so this story started off a little slow for me right in the beginning, it picked up pace about 25% in & that was it, I was hooked & couldn’t put it down till the end.
Maloree is a romance author who regularly participates in the Java for a Joe program and one day she gets a response from an officer that she can’t help but reply to .

Cord is an Army Sargent who is a recipient of the Java for a Joe program. He had no idea that sending a thankyou message to the person that sent him a coffee would change his life
Maloree & Cord are perfect for each other in every way. There is just one minor detail standing in their way, his deployments with the army to war torn countries. These two need to
decide if they have what it takes to make their relationship work or if they should call it quits after their first short bit of time together.

This is one couple that you easily fall in love with. They are both in their mid - 20’s and have had a bit of life experience before they meet each other. They don’t take their relationship lightly
and they both have feelings for each other that run deep, in fact so deep neither of them know how they will cope once Cord has to go back on service & they are forced to be apart. Luckily for them
technology is fabulous and they are able to email & skype whenever possible. This is a bit of an emotional story & at times I found myself feeling very teary whilst I was reading.

This is my first Skye Turner book. I wondered what all the fuss was about with her other books and now I know why people talk about them so much. I absolutely enjoyed Maloree & Cord’s story &
I will be sure to check out more of Skye Turners books in the very near future.

This is a great book & I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose themselves in a beautifully emotional story for a few hours and to how Maloree & Cord get their happy ending!!  

4 Stars 


© Skye Turner 2015

Chapter One


Dear Service Member,

I hope that this message finds you well. It’s such a small token of my appreciation for all that you and those who serve beside you do, but it’s all I can send from the home front.

I’m writing to you from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m an author and while it seems like such a meaningless task to some, to me it’s so fulfilling. I create elaborate romance stories for readers around the world who pick up my books. The fact that I can create a brief respite for those who read my written words and involve them in my stories and characters is very rewarding.

Though not nearly as rewarding as what you do.

I’m sorry, I’m rambling.

I simply wanted to send you this cup of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, iced coffee, etc.) to show that I’m thinking of all of you back home. You’re service and sacrifice is noted and appreciated. At least by me.

I sincerely appreciate your sacrifice in leaving those you love behind to serve and protect our country and our freedoms. It’s because of you and those who came before you that I am able to chase my dreams and live my life free in the country I love.

I’ll send this off now, but again, thank you for your service.

With Gratitude and Love,

Maloree Arceneaux

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Just as I’m hitting “Send” on the message and sending another Java for a Joe, my personal assistant, Beth, pops her head into my office. “Mal, do you have those chapters done? I can get started on reading through them if you have them ready.” Her reminder is not really needed, but I do appreciate the way she keeps me on task.

I nod as she asks, “Do you think you’ll make your deadline?”

Turning in my chair to face her, I pop my back and stretch my arms high above my head. Moaning as it alleviates some of the tension residing there, I grunt at her. “I have chapters one through twelve done. They’re not edited, so they’ll be rough, but I did finish twelve just now.” She looks at me and sees my laptop behind my chair.

Her brows raise and she smiles. “That’s not the book. You just sent more coffee to the troops?”

I grin. “I did. It’s something I can do and the thankful messages I get every week, show me that the gesture is appreciated. Most of them thank me for the coffees and really it’s me who’s thanking them.” I spin back around as my computer makes a whooshing sound to show the transaction has gone through. “It’s a two buck cup of coffee. It’s nothing for me to send that, yet, they thank me as if I’m sending them boxes of chocolate molten lava cake. It’s a great feeling and I’m happy to do it.”

Beth leans over my shoulder to glance at my screen. “Send me the link again. I keep saying I need to do this, and then I get caught up in working for you and forget. You slave driver.”

I laugh and wave my hand behind me. “Yeah, I’m so harsh. I’ll send you the link and then I need to get back to work.

This book is not going to write itself. Shoo.”

She chuckles as I hear her head for the door. “Hey, do you need a top off on your coffee or are you still good?”

Looking down, I see my empty mug. “I need more. You know java fuels my soul and keeps the words flowing. I’m only at about six cups so far today. You’re slacking.”

She swoops in and grabs my cup as I once again start to type. “Uh huh. You drink too much coffee, boss.”

I grunt, “Nah. No such thing.” And once again immerse myself in my story.

Author Bio

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned International Bestselling Author of the Sexy Adult Romance series Bayou Stix, the Romantic Suspense series James Black, and the Erotic Romance Short Story Serial, Dear Diary.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. Unfortunately, life intervened and she never finished her studies.

She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, two children, and six fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing ‘Supermom’, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, cooking, baking, crafting, or spending time with those most important to her.

She loves to incorporate pieces of her home state of Louisiana into her writing.

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