November 25, 2015

Belong by Jennifer Foor ~ BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

Release Day: November 23

Ten years ago I fell in love with a married woman. I walked away so she could be happy, moving across the country to make sure I put space between us. We severed ties, and I promised myself I wouldn't look back.
Since then I committed to someone else, and we have a child and a life many would wish for. Except, it's never been enough for me. There's always been something missing; something I never wanted to admit.
With my own marriage failing, I'm forced to go back to my hometown to bury the man who raised me. I never expected to see her there, and nothing could prepare me for what would happen the moment my arms wrapped around hers again.


Review by: Leeann 

This is the conclusion to Chad & Rachels story & let me say, their story has more ups & downs than a theme park roller coaster.
The twists & turns are unexpected & at times devestating but the one thing all of the adults in this story have in common is their desire to
protect Harper, Chads daughter, from the harsh realities of relationships & life in general.

This is a beautifully heatbreaking yet captivating story that shows there is always more than one side to any story.
It shows that life very rarely turns out how you expect it to but that sometimes you just need to hang on tight & ride it out to the end because you
never know where you are gonna end up!

From the very beginning I have loved Rachels character, she has a lot of life experience & this shines through in the way she deals with every hurdle
that comes their way. She is real, she is a beautiful and generous soul and is exceptionally dignified in all of her words & actions. In the 1st book of their story
Chad came across as a spoilt rich kid who doubled as a ladies man but he proved readers very wrong in that book. In book 2 of their story he has grown up
and turned into a man any parent would be happy to have their daughter marry. He is smart, caring and well aware of where his responsibilities lie.
His love for his daughter know no bounds and this has shaped him into the man he is today.

The growth of both characters from the beginning of their story in ‘Bereft’ to where they end up in ‘Belong’ is gradual and easy to follow. They really do come full circle.
I loved Chad & Rachel together but the timing for them is just never right. They really have to fight and endure extremely trying circumstances to get their
happy ending.

Once again Jennifer Foor has delivered a story that will have you holding your breath in anticipation of what is to come for her characters and hoping from the very
beginning that her characters can get themselves together enough to achieve the happy ending they both deperatly want and deserve.

You could read this as a standalone but I would highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of Bereft and read that first so you get the background to Chad & Rachels
4.5 Stars 

Review by: Tracy

What would you do if you thought you had it? Great career, spouse, family. What if one day you realized that some aspects of your life wasn't all what it seemed.
That's what happened to Chad. After walking away from the woman he loved so deeply he finally found his happily ever after. After a few years that all came crashing down on him. First his wife then having to deal with the death of his grandfather. Chad heads home to see him only having little time to say goodbye. Being home brought him back to his first love, who had moved on and found her happily ever after as well. But will there be second chances for both of them?
I struggled between 4 to 5 stars going back and forth. It was a great read. It definitely had all the feels, however I did need a box of kleenex. This was the second book, while you didn't need to read the first ones I'd recommend it for character development.
4 Stars

Review by: Stacey 

Wow! This book had me feeling so much,loss,cancer,hope,faith & above all LOVE! I truly enjoyed Chad & Rachel's love story! I love second chance love stories and this one was definitely that and then some! I started w/this book but can't wait to go read books 1&2 to learn about the other characters! Loved the way Jennifer Foor makes u fall in love and connect to the characters! I truly can't imagine being Chad or Rachel...their life struggles and timing was so heartbreaking and I truly loved how the ending was and how it all tied together! loved it!

4 Stars 

"You have every right to assume this can't be anything more than a temporary affair. I don't blame you for being cautious, but there is something I want you to know."
She turned around, finally looking right at me with those hesitant eyes. "What?"
"I still love you." I swallowed the lump in my throat as the words came out, silently praying she wouldn't force me to leave. It wasn't every day that I told someone other than my wife I loved them, but in this instance it was the truest statement I'd ever made. "I feel like I've loved you for a lifetime. It’s true. I have loved my wife, but it’s not the same. It’s always been you, Rach. You’re the only woman I know I’ll never be able to let go of. Staying away was my only option. I did it to protect both of our lives, but there’s nothing standing in the way anymore. Please don't deny us a second chance." I paused one more time. "I need you, just as much as I think you need me."
Her shoulders relaxed, and I watched her purse fall from her grip and hit the concrete ground. She shrugged while staring into my eyes. Her lips were trembling, allowing me to almost sense the connection between us. "I'm not strong enough to be with you again. I can't handle anymore heartache. Being close to you scares me, because I’m tired of the pain and suffering."
I took two steps forward, breaking the distance between us. "I'm not capable of hurting you again, Rach. If you give me this chance I promise I won't let you down. Let me be your friend again, and whatever comes with it will be determined by both of us."


Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author.
She is married with She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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