November 10, 2015

Rolling in the Deep by Rebecca Rogers Maher ~ FMR REVIEW

Rolling in the Deep
by Rebecca Rogers Maher


ABOUT Rolling in the Deep:

In this raw, moving novel for readers of Jill Shalvis, Molly O’Keefe, and Karina Halle, two kindred spirits share a winning lottery ticket—and discover what it really means to get lucky.

Holly Ward is stretched to the breaking point, raising her young son alone and working long hours for minimum wage at a local superstore. Sure, she’s noticed the new guy with the easy grin and warm brown eyes, but she’s learned the hard way that relationships aren’t worth the pain. Still, when he invites her to split a lottery ticket, she figures a little innocent fun couldn’t hurt. The last thing she expects is to score big, which is exactly what happens . . . in more ways than one.

From the moment he meets Holly, Ray Lopez is drawn to her quiet dignity and openhearted beauty. And when they hit the jackpot together, he’s thrilled that the single mom can give her kid a better life. The only problem is the chaos surrounding them: lawyers and reporters swarming, friends and family angling to get their cut. In all the chaos, Ray discovers an oasis of calm and passion in Holly. But with the stakes higher than ever, winning her trust could cost him everything.



All her life Holly has been a doormat. Her ex husband walked all over her, and he continues to do so because, well, she let's him. 
She has never learnt to stand up for herself. She even stood there while he walked into her house and took her son away. 
She doesn't believe for 1 second she deserves to be happy because that is what he tells her. 

When she meets Ray she starts to feel hope, but once again allows her ex husband to take away that bit of happiness too. 
It's not until her best friend gives her a talking too that she realizes she needs to stand up for herself and her son.

This is one of those stories where you really just want to slap some sense into the main character. Holly just couldn't see what was right In front of her. She wasn't living she just existed. It was really sad that she didn't progress from her situation until right at the end of the story. She just stayed where she was. Ray was a bit different to Holly but although he was a main character we didn't really get to see him do much. 

This book was a little bit slow paced for me but is still a good read. 

3.5 Stars

MEET Rebecca Rogers Maher:

Rebecca Rogers Maher writes realistic stories that push the boundaries of contemporary romance—uniting the genre’s love scenes and happy endings with the crisp, layered prose of literary fiction. In past lives, she’s been a teenage metalhead, a cleaner of lab rat cages, a community organizer and an urban schoolteacher. Her recent work includes The Bridge, Hurricane LilySnowbound with a Stranger and forthcoming novels from Loveswept and Brain Mill Press.

Publishers Weekly describes Rebecca’s writing as “gripping and touching,” Library Journal calls it “gut-wrenching,” and USA TODAY declares it “very well-done romance…so satisfying.”

Rebecca lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and children.


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