October 02, 2015

Wire by Anne Conley ~ REVIEW TOUR

Evan Rocco has been a hero to Paige Lawson for as long as she could remember.  So when she runs into him in a bar after a major professional coup, she’s feeling celebratory and reckless.  But it can’t go anywhere, because after all, he’s Evan Rocco.  When she finds her gaming company in trouble, there’s only one man she can turn to.
Evan can’t get the woman who disappeared after their one­-night­ stand six months ago out of his head.  He’d honestly thought there was more between them besides just sex—a connection he’d never felt before.  When PSL, his favorite game software company, is the victim of sabotage, he jumps at the chance to help them solve the mystery behind The Crimson Lady, the fan­made character   who’s taking credit for murder.  Maybe it will get his mind off the woman of his dreams.
When he realizes who the CEO of PSL actually is, he has to get over his own issues or else he’ll put the one woman in danger he never wanted to hurt. 
This is book two in the Pierce Securities series, a stand­alone story.  The first book, while not necessary to read, is Craze.


Review by: Heather

Evan is the hottest geek on the planet. Paige is the CEO of the company that designed the hottest Role Playing Game to ever cross the Internet. One night. Two strangers. A fake name. Hot as hell.

Months later Ryan, now the resident hacker for Pierce Securities is hired by Paige to find out who is infiltrating her game and using a character to harm innocent people.

In tangled web of lies, betrayals, sordid pasts and fatal attractions Wire is a fast paced suspense that will keep you wondering who done it and just when you think you know, another twist, another player and a lot of WTF enters your mind.

The plot was so unique. I am not a gamer, in fact I am a computer putz, however, Anne Conely did a great job in explaining things in a way that was not only intriguing but also didn't make me feel stupid.

The cast of characters were completely awesome from the main players to the secondary ones. Even the villains were interesting. I loved that we got to see what was going with Ryan and Krista from book one and the other Pierce Securities guys. Nice set ups for future books! 

Evan Rocco..........dibs!!!!! Not only is he hot, he's alpha, a fierce protector and so intelligent! His brain is sexy lol Paige was great! At some points I felt her to be a little too naive, however, she had such an amazing heart and a desire to see the good in everyone, it was easy to get past that. When Evan and Paige get together......things will burn down to smoldering embers.....yes it was that hot.

I enjoyed the first book, Craze but Wire....blew it out of the water! The writing, even though third person, was flawless. I was sucked right in from the first sentence and actually read this book in just a few hours I couldn't put it down. I connected and felt and was submersed into an unfamiliar world and never wanted to leave which is exactly what fiction should do!

5 Stars

Book One in the Pierce Securities series, Craze, 
is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and most other online retailers.

When Krista catches her boss doing the unthinkable, the only thing she can do is run.  Straight into the arms of the eye­candy she’s been trying not to flirt with on her lunch break.  But whose side is he on?
Ryan’s security firm is having a hard time getting off the ground, and this may be just the job to help the company out.  But pseudo ­bounty hunter isn’t really what Pierce Securities is trying to get a name for.  When he finds out their target is the classy lady from the park, all of Ryan’s senses go on high alert.  What do these men want with her?
Krista is forced into Ryan’s sanctuary in the woods, where she realizes just how wild he is, but she doesn’t want to tame him.  He may feel his methods of protection endangered her, but without Krista in his life, Ryan is crazed.
This is book #1 in the Pierce Securities, a Romantic Suspense series by Anne Conley, author of the Stories of Serendipity and The Four Winds.


Anne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it. She's been writing for public consumption for the last four years. Currently she is writing three romance series. In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting. In The Four Winds, she chronicles God's four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human. In Pierce Securities, she gives us Ryan, Evan, Miriam, Zack, Quinten, and Simon. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.

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