October 23, 2015


 RIP Release Day – October 20, 2015

Pretty things aren't meant to be broken.
But I broke her, and now we both have to pay the price.
I'm her nightmare.
I'm her savior.
And now that I have her signature on an ironclad contract, I own her body and soul.
She doesn't remember me.
She will.
It's inevitable.
Because as much as I know I need to stay away, for fear of unlocking the memories I helped her father bury--I can't.
She was the apple in the Garden, dangled in front of me, her core so tempting and sweet. A voice whispered. Just. One. Bite.
I bit.
I tasted.
I fell.
Welcome to the world of the Russian mafia, where death, is your only future.

Review by: Sam

I can't even formulate coherent sentences for my review to describe this AMAZING read! I've been sitting here for the past half hour, looking at a blank screen and just saying 'WOW' over and over again! 
RIP is Rachel Van Dyken's darkest read to date and can be read as a standalone, but why would you want to do that??? The book is an edgy spin-off from the OUTSTANDING Eagle Elite Series and what a freaking mind blowing series it is! So you MUST devour those and you would be crazy not to! 
This is the story of Maya and Nikolai. From the very beginning, you are pulled into something twisted, something that will make your heart pound, something that can only be explained as MAFIA!
The characters had me completely invested into this story! Both for very different reasons. Nikolai, the infamous, talented Doctor is so powerful, so endearing and I adored everything RVD did with his character, his story and his POV. He is absolutely GORGEOUS, with so many demons and deep thoughts that haunt him daily, will have you captured throughout. 
Maya was an absolute pleasure to read. Her strength, her knowledge and her innocence to what she knows of her own life, is what brought the freshness to this story. 
She is a fast learner and when she begins discovering things about her own life and past events, you will literally be bouncing on your toes for answers!!!!
The connection between Maya and Nikolai is truly mesmerising. I loved their first encounter, I loved the sass and attitude Maya wasn't shy to throw at Nikolai, and I LOVED his patience with Maya. I felt every single scene, I felt the emotion, and I felt the torment from Nikolai's character and dialogue.
Plus, the AMAZING appearance of other characters which added a huge smile to my face and gave me EVERYTHING I wanted from this story.

Rachel Van Dyken has written with pure brilliance and this book is without a doubt hitting my favourites list. I have loved every book she has released, every character she has developed and every story she has put her heart in to! This book proves just how talented this author is, by writing something darker than her usual style. The romance, passion and humour is still included within this story, but the edge and occasional brutal scenes had me hook, line and sinker!!! 
Secrets are revealed, truths are told, puzzle pieces are placed where they should be. You will get the answers you need and you will be begging for these two OUTSTANDING characters to overcome the obstacles that have kept them apart and problems that have the potential to end EVERYTHING. 

5+++ STARS

Review by: Amy C 

The gang is back together... Well kind of... This book mixes the old mafia boys we love so well with new and amazing characters. It takes everything we think we know about the world of Italians vs. Russians and then flips it upside down. Just as you begin to think you've got it all it's  flipped again and righted as though its always been this way. I am as always impressed with Rachel's ability to draw me in and capture feeling I didn't even know we're there, thus making me fall deeper in love with her writing. 

We were treated with meeting Nikolai in Elude but this book delivers all of the raw and completely vulnerable madness that is his world.   Maya is an anomaly for Nik, and their melding of trust and respect in each other is a constant test. Theses two are completely off limits but completely drawn to each other. Seeing how they are able to navigate their crazy worlds is both mesmerizing and completely spell binding. 

I love to attack Rachel's books with fever and trepidation. She can consume you with characters and destroy you through scenes. Her gift of writing is amazing and very well cherished. I haven't read a book of hers that I didn't want to devour on site, this book being no exception. I absolutely loved all the twists and turns in RIP and was surprised many times as I read. Great read, perfect recommendation. 

Easy 4.5 stars

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!
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“You are your father’s daughter.” His lips curved into a delicious smile, “You resemble each other, not in looks, but definitely in attitude.” His gaze was unapologetic as he tilted his head and started raking his eyes from my feet up my legs until finally settling on my face. I clenched my legs together tightly and forced a smile.
“If you don’t mind, Mr. Blazik, I’d really like to get on with the interview, I know your time is precious.”
As was mine, I wanted to stress, but didn’t, just barely restraining myself and clenching my teeth to keep from giving him a much-needed verbal lashing.
“I blocked out my entire day.”
Did he want applause? “Right, well, I assure you I can be fast.”
His dark laugh had me shivering and wanting to lean forward all at once. Men that good looking shouldn’t be blessed with chuckles like that—a freaking sirens call that’s what it was.
“Amazing… You truly don’t know why you’re here, do you?”
How many times did I need to repeat myself and why was I getting the sudden impression that the guy was on some seriously hard drugs? I looked closer; didn’t pinpoint pupils mean he was high or something?
“I assure you I’m not drunk, nor high, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He chuckled again and rubbed his hands together. “Though the idea does have merit, all things considering.” A muscle clenched in his jaw.
Oh good, so he was a doctor who liked drugs and had more money than God. That should go over well for addiction problems.
I scooted back against the leather and clicked my pen for, oh, I don’t know, the tenth time. “If you aren’t going to answer my questions, I should probably go.”
“You won’t be going anywhere,” he said in a quiet voice. “And for that I’m truly sorry.” His eyes met mine, and they seemed… apologetic.
“Pardon?” Was he threatening me? Warning bells went off in my head as adrenaline shot through my system.
“Your father…” He tilted his head. “He owes me a debt… of gratitude… I asked for something irreplaceable, something that’s been owed to me for a very long time.”
My stomach sank as my heart started hammering against my chest.
“What exactly did my father give you?” I choked out, hating that I probably knew the answer, because my father was ruthless, he was a business man after all, and he never backed out of a deal. It was business over family and our business was darkness itself, horrible, something I blocked out because it made me feel better when I woke up in the morning and fell asleep at night.
“Well…” Mr. Blazik stood. “I thought that would be obvious.”  He turned his back to me and walked over to his desk then pressed a button causing blinds to creep down all the windows. When he turned, the room was already starting to blanket in darkness, making it so that his teeth practically glowed. “He gave me you.”

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