March 24, 2015

When the Chips are Down by Beth Rinyu RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW

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Title: When the Chips Are Down (Three of a Kind, #1)
Author: Beth Rinyu
Release Date: March 14, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Melanie Hanson's life didn't go quite the way she had planned. Her cheating ex-husband traded her in for a newer model and she’s in over her head dealing with the drama that comes along with raising her twin teenage daughters. The last thing she is looking for or needs in her life is a man - or is it? Ben Wilder is the boy that Melanie loved to hate throughout high school, the boy that all the girls loved and the boy that didn't give Melanie the time of day, unless it was to tease her. When she runs into him once again she realizes...he’s not a boy anymore. Older and wiser, she’s determined not to fall for her secret crush from all those years ago. But sometimes our heart has different plans than our head. Will she finally get her happily ever after with the man she least expected to have it with? Take a humorous journey with Melanie and her daughters as their lives begin to parallel and they discover that although they may be separated by a generation their struggles are still the same.   promo1_beth (1)  

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Review by Tatia

Melanie Hanson is now a single mom of twin girls. Had it not been for her best friend, she would have totally let herself go after her husband cheated and then left her for the much younger woman. Now, Jodi (said best friend) is determined to get Melanie back in the world of dating with a trip to Mexico. I guess you could say that it worked since Melanie woke up in someone else's bed.
Once she gets back home and back to her normal routine, she runs into a guy from high school who gave her tons of trouble. She figures he's still the arrogant guy he was back then. Little does she know, he had his reasons for acting the way he did.

When the Chips are Down wasn't just about Melanie and her looking to find love again. The story also focused around her daughters and how they are handling being split between two families now and how they're dealing with high school drama. In the beginning, all of the different POVs kind of put me off. I didn't really like the bouncing back and forth, but once I got in to the story, I found that they didn't really bother me. I enjoyed seeing how they all dealt with their problems. It turned out to be a story that I truly did not want to end. A sweet story of second chances at love and finding lasting friendships early on in life, ones that would be cherished forever.

4 Stars 

I tried my best to ignore him, but I could feel his eyes settling on me. I took a deep breath when he got up and sat next to me. “Well, at least I know your real name now.” I shook my head, still trying to avoid eye contact. “So, how’s your ass doing?” “What!?” I finally turned my head and looked directly at him. “From your fall the other day.” I looked away. “Was I really that much of an ass to you during high school that you are still carrying a grudge all these years later?” “Don’t flatter yourself. It has nothing to do with you.” “Oh, okay. So, are you bitchy like this to every guy you come in contact with?” “Yeah, maybe I am! What’s it to you?” He held his hand up in defense. “Doesn’t matter to me one bit, sweetheart, but you’ve clearly been shafted by a guy a time or two to have an attitude like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The bitchy ones are better in bed with all that pent-up aggression.” He smirked and took a sip of his beer. “Oh, you are such a pig, you know that? You are the same arrogant ‘I’m so in love with myself’ jock you were back in school! Well, reality check. Despite the fact you may have never grown up, most women have. So your good looks, perfect body, and smooth talking will no longer work.” He chuckled loudly. “What’s so funny?” “I think you just admitted you thought I was good-looking and had a perfect body.” “No. That’s not what –” He had me feeling so flustered. “I meant MEN, in general!” “Whatever you say, princess.” “My name is Melanie! Oh, wait. Maybe you’ll remember Smellanie better!” His grin widened. “Ahhhh, now I remember you! You were that cute little blonde girl who used to sit in front of me in French class. You were the little goody two-shoes who always knew exactly how to respond in perfect French to the teacher, while the rest of us struggled to maintain a D average. You know you really didn’t smell, right? That was just a nickname for you.” “I know I never smelled, thank you very much!” “Well, Smellanie, can I say that you are just as cute now as you were back then?” “No, you may not!”

About the Author 

bethEver since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I am the author of The Exception To The Rule, An Unplanned Lesson, An Unplanned Life and Drowning In Love, A Cry for Hope. and A Will To Change. My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon! Thanks for taking the time to learn about my books and me! If you decide to read them (and I hope you do!) please be sure to go on and review it for me - yes, even if you don't like it!

love p

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