March 10, 2015

Leaving Amarillo by Caisey Quinn ~ BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

Release date: March 17, 2015

Leaving Amarillo synopsis:

Dixie Lark hasn’t had it easy. She lost her parents in an accident when she was young and grew up in a ramshackle house on a dirt road in Amarillo with her ailing grandparents and overprotective older brother. Thanks to her grandfather, Dixie learned to play a mean fiddle, inspired by the sounds of the greats—Johnny and June, Waylon, and Hank. Her grandfather’s fiddle changed Dixie’s life forever, giving her an outlet for the turmoil of her broken heart and inspiring a daring dream.

Ten years later, Dixie and her brother, Dallas, are creating the music they love and chasing fame with their hot band, LeavingAmarillo. But Dixie isn’t enjoying the ride. All she can think about is Gavin, the band’s tattooed, tortured drummer who she’s loved since they were kids. She knows he feels the connection between them, but he refuses see her as more than his best friend’s little sister.

Convinced that one night with Gavin will get him out of her system, Dixie devises a plan. She doesn’t know that her brother has forbidden Gavin from making a move on her-a promise he swore he’d always keep . . . a promise that once broken will unexpectedly change the future for Dixie, Gavin and the band.

Review by: Gina 

Leaving Amarillo is the first book in the Neon Dream series and Caisey knocked it out of the park! I have read a few book byCaisey and this book, is one of my favorites and definitely ranks as one of my favorites for 2015!. Casiey’s ability to describe feeling and emotions is just incredible. Through out the entire story I could empathize with every emotion the characters where feeling. I laughed, I cried, I felt joy and I felt sorrow. Leaving Amarillo draws you, grips you tight, and never let’s go even past the last page. 

Leaving Amarillo is an amazing story about a girl trying to figure out where she belongs in the world, a boy who is just trying to make it in life, and a brother and friend trying to make the best decisions for everyone. Friendships will be tested, love will be found, and love will be lost. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good story about life, love, and loss.
5 Stars 

Review by: Leeann 

Dixie is 19 years old. She is in a band with her older brother Dallas and their best friend Gavin. 
Dallas and Dixie went to live with their grandparents when their parents passed away 10 years earlier. They are extremely close and Dallas is super protective of Dixie. When they met Gavin 10 years ago, Dallas made it very clear to Gavin that he was never to touch his sister or they would not remain friends. Gavin has kept his work for all that time. 
Dixie has decided that she is an adult, she wants Gavin and doesn't care what Dallas has to say about it. But for the sake of the band and to avoid Dallas and Gavin having a fight she agrees to kept their one night together a secret. 

Here is when I'm conflicted. Dallas is an overprotective older brother but he is so self absorbed. He is completely oblivious to what Dixie goes through or is feeling. It is all about him and how he wants to be famous and picked up by a record label.  It was very hard to find anything to like about him.

Then there is Gavin. He is the tough drummer who literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders, he continues to put everyone else's needs before his own, even if it means he could get into serious trouble. He is too scared to be honest with Dallas about his feelings for Dixie because he is scared he will lose his best friend. I liked Gavin but he was so busy worrying about everyone else that the tension he carries around with him is like a ticking time bomb.

Dixie has been caught up in her brothers dream for years, but things are changing and she is not so sure if she wants the same things anymore. Eventually her hand is forced and she has to make some tough decisions. 

Even though I found one character unlikable, the other two too scared to stand up to him, the dynamic of the three of them together worked. And it worked well. 
Caisey Quinn has been able to bring these three conflicting characters together and weave a story that will leave you hanging for book two in the series to be released. There are some frustrating, funny, sweet, extremely sad, hugely sexy and very intense moments. 

I really enjoyed this story and I think everyone else will too.

4 Stars 

Review by: Cristina 

The early life of Dixie Lark was not easy. Losing her parents and becoming an orphan along with her brother, Dallas Lark at such a young age where they had to grow up on a dirt road in a run down house with their grandparents. When she is in the presence of a fiddle she is in a whole new world of her own that gives her a place that seeks solace and has dreams of becoming more in the country music world. 

Leaving Amarillo is the band that Dixie, Dallas, and Gavin Garrison that they created together. When a possible rise to fame opportunity comes up the band takes their show to the Austin Music Fest and they perform their best in hopes to get signed. 

Gavin Garrison, our drummer and my brother's best friend, was the first boy I'd ever had a crush on.

Caught in the middle between two important guys in her life one blood and one that has her blood igniting whenever he is around. After finally deciding to lay it all out her feeling to Gavin while they are at the Austin Music Fest, she is seeking that something more will come out of her declaration. Gavin is holding back due to a promise to his best friend that they strictly be nothing more than a band member and friend to Dixie, however; both are in a dilemma of emotions of whether to give in and risk it all &/or just leave things as be. The resolution that Dixie proposes to Gavin is one night with each other no strings attached in hopes it will be a way to get it out of her system. 

“Oh, and Gav?” “Yeah?” I make eye contact, making sure he hears me, that he feels the full weight of my words. “For the record, I don't make my decisions based on what my brother would say.” He cocks his head to the side and crosses both mouthwatering forearms over his chest. “That so?” Yes. Unlike You.

Wanting more I was pleasantly surprised to see how Dixie was finally determine to not play it safe and go after what she wants. A 4 stars refreshing read to see that this heroine was the one calling the shots and hoping that Gavin goes along and in turn to see where things lead. But just as things looks promising for the band we get hit with obstacles that get in the way of their dreams and goals. Get ready for a twist of love and music!

4 Stars 

Review by: Amy 

Not at all what I expected but I was happily surprised. I really liked this book!! It was sweet, southern and sassy & deep and moody. It had angst that moved me and brought me to tears. I enjoyed the building of the relationships being developed from childhood. Three kids thrown together by circumstance learn and love on their journey to find their true happiness.
OH MY HOLY LORD the boys in this book were amazing. The broody bad boy and the determined rocker….I LOVED THIS! Dallas and Gavin rocked my socks clear off. They had grit and sweetness all wrapped up in a handsome package. Not only could they play instruments but they could play the protector so well. Both had their heart set on protecting the lady love in their life…. She happened to be the sister, the love and the one that would take care of both of them.
DIXIE LEIGH…sweet southern darling that captivated the hearts of many. But the only heart she wanted was unobtainable. She would protect the two most important men in her life and sacrifice her dreams to make them both happy. While giving of herself, she would learn life lessons that no parent/grandparent could have taught her. She would learn that love and loss come hand in hand and overcoming grief would be her greatest struggle.
I really liked this book. It was not my usual style read (rocker), but once I got into the story line the book just flowed so well for me. I was able to read it quickly and I was captivated the whole time. The story had great meaning and purpose and was well written. I wasn’t left hanging on for more book, yet I am hungry for the next book in the series for sure!! Fantastic read, thoroughly enjoyed and recommend totally!! 4 stars all the way.

4 Stars 

Excerpt Teasers

1. But here, where I am right now, Gavin Garrison is making love to me with his eyes. And I don’t want him to stop. Ever.
2. It’s when he takes her hand and slowly slides up the sleeve of her dress shirt so that he can write on her wrist that I lose my mind completely.
3. He opens his mouth to respond—most likely to deny that he did that tonight—but I place my trembling fingers against his lips, firmly breaking our ten-year unspoken no-touching rule.
4. But you can’t really have fire. You can’t hold a flame in your hands without getting burned.
5. He’s not watching you like he’s worried you’ll screw up. He’s watching you like he’s worried you’ll disappear and take his heart with you.
6. We’re more than that. You and Dallas are all I have. Do you get that?
7. I don’t know when I became this pathetic mess so completely codependent on the happiness of someone who has told me in no uncertain terms that he will never cross the friendship line with me, but here I am.
8. He breathes into me, filling me, and I take his offering greedily, pulling his tongue and lips into my mouth harder than is appropriate for a first kiss.
9. I’ve taken the first hit and already I’m addicted.
10. It was a mistake. Like I told you before, there are moments when things between us get…difficult to control. This time I screwed up and gave in, that’s all. It won’t happen again.
11. If I can’t make him see that he is both capable and worthy of love, that memory will have to be enough for me, even if it’s all I’ll ever have.
12. All I can feel is his mouth on my neck, his hands on my hips, and the promises of what’s to come—literally—against my backside.
13. I will make it impossible for him to say no, somehow. I have five floors on the elevator to figure it out. My heart rises into my throat as we make our way upward.
14. “All I can think about is how good this ice cream would taste if I was licking it off your body instead of this plastic spoon.”
15. I’m thrusting against his mouth and moaning in pleasure when I feel it. The pressure has reached its peak and I need him inside. Now.

About the author: 

Caisey Quinn lives in a suburb outside of Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She wears cowgirl boots most of the time, even to church. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series and writes New and Young Adult books about country girls finding love in unexpected places. 

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