November 24, 2016

Jacked Up by Samantha Kane • FMR REVIEW


The secret about the Birmingham Rebels is out: With a girl in the middle, two mouth-watering football studs are better than one.

Linebacker Sam Taylor feels like a ticking time bomb. He left the army with emotional wounds as fresh as the scars on his back. Sam’s been living like a monk, but his best friend, defensive lineman King Ulupoka, wants to get him laid. Easy for him to say. The larger-than-life Samoan is a hard-bodied, tribal-tattooed fantasy. Sam agrees, under one condition: King stays to watch.

ER nurse Jane Foster is done being a good girl, and nothing says wild like picking up two of football’s sexiest players and bringing them back to your hotel room. Trouble is, she can’t decide which one she wants more. Sam is hot, sweet, and vulnerable. Jane’s more than willing to ride him into oblivion. But King’s intense gaze from across the room promises that the best is yet to come.

Sure, King has had his choice of girls and guys in the past. That doesn’t mean he’ll jeopardize his relationship with Sam over a case of locker-room lust—until a naughty nurse pushes them both out of their comfort zones. Seeing Jane and Sam together turns King on more than he ever imagined. If they’re game, he’s ready to tackle a three-way play.


Review by: Kim 

Holy Cow this book!
I've never read anything by Samantha Kane before.
So glad I had the chance to read this one.
Even though this book is #3 in the series it's a complete stand alone and there's enough backstory that I never felt lost once while meeting each character.
There is so much charm and humor inside the pages of this book that I found myself constantly smiling or laughing out loud at King and Sam's antics.
Sam has a whole host of problems stemming from his service in the Army. He depends on King to keep him from doing something bad. Sam worries about losing his sh*t and hurting someone.
King has feelings for Sam. He's not only his best friend and teammate. To King, Sam has the potential of being so much more. But only if King finds the courage to show Sam how he feels.
These two men are so sweet and kind and charming that I couldn't help but fall in love with them right along with Jane.
Jane, she's sweet, and kind and special. She's also a good girl. She's sensible, a little shy and never does anything without thinking it through first. But then she runs into two sexy, sweet men who make her think about things that she'd never consider, feel things she never thought she'd feel. 
Soon these three find themselves swept up into something that brings out their vulnerabilities and concerns.
Add in the fact that Sam and King are professional football players and the press that's always lurking around and soon more than just feelings are involved. 
Can Jane find a way to accept the things these two men make her feel? 
Will being pro ball players pull the three apart forever?
If you're into the menage scene and like things lighthearted then you need to read this book. I promise you'll be as charmed as I was.

5 Stars 

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