September 22, 2015


Title: Sweet Obsession
Series: Sweet Addiction #3
Author: J Daniels
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
 Release Date: September 22, 2015


***Author’s note*** Sweet Obsession can be read as a standalone novel.

Everyone knows Brooke Wicks loves to have a good time. She’s not interested in getting serious, settling down, or limiting herself to one man. So when she meets the sexy, irresistible Mason King, she sees another opportunity to let loose and go wild. But the gorgeous Aussie isn’t interested in just a quick fling with Brooke, and if she wants to get into his bed, she’s going to have to do it on his terms.

Loving fast and hard has always been Mason’s philosophy. He doesn’t want a meaningless connection, he wants it all, and he wants it with Brooke. When she makes her one desire known—to hit it and quit it—Mason wages a plan to ensure Brooke keeps coming back for more. Or so he hopes.

Getting her attention was the easy part. Keeping it might be damn near impossible.

Sweet Obsession is where the Sweet Addiction series meets the Alabama Summer series.

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Review by: Gina 

JDaniels delivers an amazing book full of laughs, sweet moments, and scorching hot scenes that will leave you panting and fanning yourself! In most books it's usually the male character who is the dirty talker, but in SweetObsession, I don't know who was the dirtier talker, Brooke or Mason. I loved that Brooke was a dirty talker, it's rare to see that in books. 

Favorite scene...the photo booth scene!!! That needs to win an award for hottest scene!!! I could read that scene a few times and never get tired of it.

The two characters had so much chemistry, they went crazy when they weren't around each other. They had such strong passion for one in other that it that it cause some jealousy, but that only added to the drama. While there was a lot of hot sex scenes, there was more to the story. The two characters had goals, dreams, and issues they needed to work out together and individually. All that came together to create a fantastic book.

Overall, it was such a fun book to read. It was great to catch up with other characters from previous books. The book was funny, sweet, and panty melting hot. JDaniels did not disappoint! Sweet Obsession is a MUST READ!


Review by: Amy C 

OOOOOOO  WE!! This book was every part sweet, sultry and so obsessive I couldn't put it down. I was draw in by the sexy scenes and completely satisfied by the amazing writing and story line. I read this book as a standalone and had no problems with the characters or storyline. Everything flowed well and was easy to follow.

LOVED Mason King. I mean YUMMM-EEE. I swear I could hear that accent as I read and it made the book even sexier. He was down to earth which was great to see in a leading man. He didn't need to be a rich business man to be ultra sexy smexy and alluring. I really liked his honest approach to life and his quest for the zen...with a side of spaztastic female. 

BROOKE WICKS is amazing and care free and seriously one of the most fun characters if read in a while. She lives her life by the seat of her pants and it has worked so far. Until a hot as hell yoga instructor just happens to open a studio across from the bakery she works in. Sparks fly and fireworks explode between them on their first meet up. The way Brooke rationalizes this new development in her life is hilarious. She really just made this book humorous and brought a ton of reality and laughter to an already great story.

So yea, READ THIS BOOK!! I'm so bummed out that I didn't know about this series before. This book was absolutely fabulous to read as a standalone and it in no way hindered my reading. From the sassy characters to the yummy sexy scenes, this book was amazing. JDaniels is surely becoming one of my favorites!! I totally recommend this book with an easy 5 stars!

Review by: Heather 

Brooke doesn't do relationships. Mason doesn't do hook ups. She does casual. He does serious. She wants in his pants. He wants in her heart.
Sweet Obsession is an amazing book! I devoured it one sitting and was intrigued from page one.
Brooke was a great character so stubborn yet vulnerable at the same time. I loved her tenacity as well as the moments where you could feel her weaknesses. She is a well rounded, well developed and very relatable character- everything I love in a heroine Brooke encompasses.
Mason King is the perfect book boyfriend. He is hot as sin, protective and goes after what he wants. He also has an Australian accent :swoon:
The chemistry between him and Brooke cannot be topped. The sexual tension is so thick and when they finally get together it is beyond explosive. The sexy times were some of the best I ever read. 
JDaniels did such an awesome job with this book. I liked the role reversals in this book so so much. Sweet Obsessionis the reason I love this genre. 

5 I want a koala stars! 

Review by: Amy E 

Mason.  He is the reason I wanted to read this book.  His quick departure from Alabama broke my heart I was so eager to know more about him.  When I realized he was getting his own book I knew it would be a must read for me.  And boy did Mrs. Daniels deliver!  Mason was everything I wanted while Brooke was exactly what I wanted for him.

I loved that this book brought characters from two different series together.  It was funny, heartbreaking, sugary sweet, and all the emotions in between.  There were moments where my skin was buzzing with the sexual tension between them.  Times when my body shook with laughter.  Chapters where I hated one or both of them for how stupid they were being.  This book delivered the full spectrum of emotions.

Mason is beautiful inside and out.  His love, concern, compassion, understanding, and consideration for others is overwhelming at times.  Making me wish someone like him really existed.  While Brooke seems to be the total opposite.  Concerned only with her own pleasure and life.  Looking out for herself and not forming real attachments to people.  But Mason sees the side of her she keeps hidden and does his best to draw her out.  The chemistry between the two is there from the start but watching the feelings and friendship grow between them was amazing.

This book was fast paced, witty, beautiful, and tortured you with talk of fancy gourmet cupcakes.  I loved every second of it.

5 Stars 

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Author Bio

J. Daniels is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series, and the Alabama Summer series. She loves curling up with a good book, drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, and writing stories her children will never read. J grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.

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