September 02, 2015

Running Away by Jen Andrews ~ BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Title: Running Away
Series: Just Say Yes, #4
Author: Jen Andrews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 26, 2015

Nearing age thirty, Jeremy James is cruising along in life, doing as he pleases. No girlfriend, no wife, no drama. Women go as easily as they come, but inside, he feels something’s missing. After the birth of his niece, Hannah, and a not so gentle nudge from his sister, Zoey, Jeremy decides to make a change in his life and settle down. 
Then he meets Teagan Donnelly.
And she wants nothing to do with him.
Teagan has recently come out of a three year relationship with a man who cheated, shamed her, and berated her for her weight and life choices. The once secure yet spirited woman cannot figure out what Jeremy wants with her.
For Jeremy, it’s plain and simple. He wants Teagan to stop running away and give him a chance. But for Teagan, taking a chance with Jeremy means she could lose herself all over again.

Review by: Erin 

I loved Zoey and Andy’s story so I just knew I would love this one too! I was right! The drama going on in this story is unbelievable. But it flowed effortlessly. There was not anything just thrown in for filler. It all make the story captivating. I just had to know what happened between these two characters. I was also very giddy when the “hoochie” got what was coming to her. Teagan is a very untrusting person after the way her last relationship ended. Then she is being harassed at work. She just isn’t having any luck. Fate has conspired against her. Jeremy knows there is something special about Teagan the first time he meets her. But he really has his work cut out for him. I love that he was willing to put the effort in. I love that Andy and Zoey are part of this story. It adds another level to Jeremy’s character that I don’t think would have been portrayed had they not been present. I also loved the secondary friend characters and the group involvement. Reese was awesome and I would love for him to get a book all to himself! I also loved Jackie and Nat. They had me laughing so hard I cried. I hope there is more in store for this series!

5 Stars 

Review by: Tatia 

I haven't read a book by Jen Andrews in too long! I'm glad I rectified that. I enjoyed Running Away so much, from the dual POVs to all of the fun and supportive side characters, it was such a great story.
Teagan finally moved home after finding her boyfriend cheating with a friend of hers. She moved to get away from the drama. Little did she know she was walking straight into it back home.
Jeremy is realizing what he really wants in life, that being a wife and a family. He's ready to settle down, and he knows it won't be with his current fling. When he meets a beautiful red headed nurse at the hospital, he knows she could be it.
Not only were Jeremy and Teagan great, but their friends and family were pretty amazing. All of them were supportive and hilarious. No matter what was happening, and there was definitely some drama, they both had a wonderful support system to fall back on and help pick them up.
This is definitely a story that I know I'll find myself picking up and reading again. I found myself not able to put this book down, even while my favorite show was on. Now, I have to catch up on all that I've been missing by Ms. Andrews.

4 Stars 

Review by: Tracy 

Jeremy James is nearing 30 and is every bit of a ladies man. All it took was one look at his new born niece and he decided he wanted to change his ways. He wanted to find someone and settle down. Enter Teagan Donnelly. The perfect girl who wanted nothing to do with him. She is coming off of a crappy relationship and her self-esteem is way down. That doesn’t stop Jeremy from trying to make her see how beautiful she really is.

Running Away had potential to be a cute love story. However, it didn’t quite do it for me. Teagan, for someone who was in her mid-20’s, was truly very whiney. She was an emotional rollercoaster, with more downs than ups. I could understand to a point why she acted the way she did but towards the end I was getting whiplash. She wanted to be with Jeremy, then she didn’t, then she did but couldn’t trust him. In the end I honestly thought Jeremy would be better off without her. So for me, this story fell short because I couldn’t connect with Teagan as a character and really got annoyed with her after a while.

3.5 Stars 

“I loved this book, it was my favorite of the series. In the previous books Andy captivated my heart from the beginning but Jeremy definitely stole it. Jen Andrews again made me love the characters since the beginning.” ~ Eunices Book Corner
“5 stars! This was such a beautifully written book!! I really enjoyed reading this series and this book as well! Great character development and the story flowed so well.” ~ Alpha Book Club
Now, I was taking her wishes seriously and moving on, quitting my “path of self-destruction” as Teagan had called it. Well, if I was on a path of self-destruction, Teagan was the fucking tour guide. Yes, I was angry with her, but I’d finally accepted that we were over.

I was tired of being miserable. Tired of not sleeping, and tired of being in my house alone. As soon as I’d gotten home from the funeral, I’d packed all of my clothes and personal shit I used every day, and had gone to stay at the apartment above the shop.
Since the apartment was fully furnished I hadn’t needed to bring anything from my house. All the furniture and everything else could stay there for all I cared. Which, in turn, made me feel extremely guilty after all the work my sister put in to making my home perfect.
With the apartment being quiet and containing nothing familiar to me, I’d finally started to relax for the first time in months. The place held no reminders of Teagan, no reminders of Cammie, and no reminders of the house that I loved so much but which I knew I wouldn’t be going back to.
I had tried to live a normal life. I had tried to make a home. I had tried falling in love and making a life with someone.
I had fucking failed.

“Lie still,” he said, backing away from me.

Not a problem, I didn’t think I could move even if I wanted to. Which was good, because I didn’t want to. I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to me because I had no doubt I’d enjoy every second of it.
My eyes fluttered open to view the dark sapphire blue of the California night sky. Stars twinkled as the moon made its way across the horizon.
A cold, wet trail from the fruit in Jeremy’s very skillful fingers, slowly made its way up my thigh, followed immediately by his hot tongue warming my skin as he licked off the juice. Just when I thought he was going to make contact with my center, he veered to the right, and up over my hip.
I whimpered at his blatant neglect, and my hands instinctively seized his head. I gripped his hair tightly, wanting to direct him to where I craved him most.
Jeremy let out a low chuckle. “All in good time, pretty girl,” he whispered.
He placed another piece of peach on my stomach then sucked the chunk of fruit into his mouth. Another piece appeared in his hand from somewhere—this time half a peach. He squeezed the fruit, dripping the cold juice over my stomach. The liquid warmed quickly as my skin was ablaze from Jeremy’s delicious torture.
“Jeremy, please,” I crooned.
His mouth made contact with my hot skin, his tongue licking away the peach juice. He kissed and nibbled his way down my stomach, then pulled away from me. My body ached with the need for him to touch me again.

Jen Andrews was raised in a small town in Northern California, and still lives in the same county where she was born. She is a self-proclaimed music and lyric addict. She grew up in a ‘car family’ so her life has been spent around old hot rods. She and her husband, Jake, even have a few of their own. In her spare time, Jen loves to travel wherever she can. She finally lived her dream of traveling to New Zealand to see her favorite rugby team, the All Blacks, play. Jen loves to do photography as a hobby and continues to write.


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