September 29, 2015

Letting Go by BA Wolfe ~ FMR REVIEW


The much anticipated companion novel to Away -- the heart gripping romance about first loves and unforgettable moments. Now experience it all from Jason's point of view in Letting Go.

Jason Bradley is a simple, country guy thrust into a life most wouldn't consider normal. He’s dealt with his share of heartbreak and pain, and now he keeps his secrets close to his heart to avoid getting hurt again. Living the only way he knows how.

Until Cassandra Pierce crashes into his world. After a life-changing moment he never anticipated, he realizes that loving her is only the beginning.

A whirlwind of days…

Beautiful moments…

Then it all comes tumbling down, and Jason learns that the hardest part of living…of loving…is letting go.

This is Jason's story.


It is strongly recommended that Letting Go be read after Away (Keaton Series, 1) in order to get the most out of the story.


Letting Go: AMAZON

Review by: Tera 

The world through Jase's eyes...heed the warning..this book goes with the previous ones please read those first... I knew this was gonna be emotional going in..of course ...I adored Away and Stay but as those of us that have read them know real life ...sometimes things don't always go like we thought we wanted them to...

  ~~“We just always have to prepare for the worst but hope for the best.” ~ Jase~~

   At 8% I almost lost it...but I held on ...and at 9% I completely broke down want so much for the outcome to be different cause you know what the end result will be ..but the story still has to be told ...the journey still has to be lived and experienced really truly be complete ...

   ~~Bad things happen. I just didn't think they'd happen to my family, let alone . . . me.~~

   You see Jase's struggle through all this ..his family's changes and how it affects their relationships what happens affects everyone ...these brothers have such a bond ...we should all be so blessed ...Jase's meeting Cassie and how he felt ...the things they went through together...

   ~~Batman's nothing without his sidekick, Robin.~~

   Beautiful and Poignant...If you cherished Jase you must see it all through his eyes...Recommended Read!      #GreenLight

5 Stars 

Meet BA Wolfe: 

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and desire for writing. You'll find me either reading or sitting by my laptop writing. I have too many favorite books to list but they would all most likely fall under the romance category. I'm a sucker for a good love story, shedding a few tears, and having my heart melted by an amazing book boyfriend! :) If I get free time you might find me watching a movie, my second love!


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