July 17, 2017


By Vi Keeland


The first time I met Caine West was in a bar. He noticed me looking his way and mistakenly read my scowling as checking him out. When he attempted to talk to me, I set him straight—telling him what I thought of his lying, cheating, egomaniacal ass. You see, the gorgeous jerk had wined and dined my best friend--smooth talking her into his bed, all along failing to mention that he was married. He deserved every bit of my tongue-lashing and more for what he'd done. Especially when that lazy smile graced his perfect face in response to my rant. Only it turned out, the man I'd just told off wasn't the right guy. Oops. My mistake. Embarrassed, I slunk out without an apology. I was never going to see the handsome stranger again anyway, right? That’s what I thought…until I walked into class the next morning. Well, hello Professor West, I’m your new teaching assistant. I’ll be working under you…figuratively speaking. Although the literal interpretation might not be such a bad thing—working under Professor West. This was going to be interesting… 


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Review by: Leeann 

Ok, I read this book in one day, it was that good.
It is fast paces, sexy, highly emotional and has a huge twist that I didn’t see coming and when the penny dropped was gobsmacked!

This is a story about destiny. It truly is destiny that Caine & Rachel find each other and explore their relationship.
At times the anguish that poured through the pages was hard to read because you can easily imagine yourself being in Caine’s situation.
I am not usually a fan of teacher/student romance but this one was done with a twist and I really, really enjoyed the overall story.

The storyline is intricately weaved and told in a way you can almost see it played out in a movie like scene in your head.
At times earlier on in the story I did think Rachel was a bit immature in her attitude towards Caine, but as the story progresses you
can see why she reacts to him the way she does and she also learns better ways to deal with her emotions as their relationship grows.

I don’t want to give any spoilers so I am going to stop here and just say this book is one click worthy & if you are a fan of this author
Or even if you have never read her work before, you need to one click this book!

5 Stars 

Review by: Gina 

This book is a little different compared to the authors more recent novels, different isn't a bad thing. This book has more heart and soul with all the beautiful words. There were several twist and turns throughout the book. It started off one way and then took a sharp right turn but that's what kept it interesting. 

What started off as a forbidden romance type story turned into something much more. By the end, it was a romance story that is very fitting of the title, Beautiful Mistake. I really enjoyed the story! It had a unique twist to it and that kept it interesting. It jumps from the present and the past but everything fit together cohesively. I thought the characters were interesting as well and had a good background to their lives that fit into the story and actually made up part of the story. There were a few parts that sort of dragged on for me. Maybe they were too long or some parts not necessary but overall it was a fantastic book! Like I mentioned, this is a little different than what I'm use to from this author. It didn't have the humor I am use to seeing in her books. That was one thing I did miss. 

If you are looking for a well written, very interesting,  and a beautiful romance story this is a great book to pick up andread! It will suck you in with the twists and turns and you wont want to put it down until you are done. 

4.5 Stars 



Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. With more than 1.5 million books sold, her titles have appeared in over eighty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in sixteen languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six. 

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