May 20, 2017

Losing Lola by Kirsty Dallas • FMR Review


“I’m going to break you.” Those were the words Lola feared most, from the man she feared most. She ran…she ran until she could run no more, and as soon as she stopped, he broke her. The tough shell was gone, her disguise ripped to shreds, and all that was left behind was a damaged girl who felt lost, raw and exposed.

“He broke me.” Three words that would haunt Drew King until the day he died. He’d always watched Lola from afar, too tainted and scarred to be anything more than a quiet shadow. Then came the night she fell into his arms, bleeding, dying, broken. That night started a fire in his soul, the burning heat of rage reared its ugly head, and on that night, Drew vowed he would battle with the devil himself to make sure his little mouse was never broken again.

*** Losing Lola deals with the harrowing subject of rape. There are some scenes within this book that may be a trigger for some readers. ***

Recommended for 18+ yrs. Contains sexual content, bad language and violence

*** While each book can be read as a stand alone, you will gain a more rewarding experience by reading the entire series, as many of the characters overlap into each novel. ***

Review by: Leeann 

This book at times left me speechless.. But in a good way. 
After the opening scenes, we see a woman who has so much determination and resilience but doesn’t realize it. She is strong, beautiful and unassuming,
has so much to give the world around her. She is loved and cherished and everyone in her life just wants her safe and alive. Meet Lola. You will be hard pressed
to find a book character as life changing as her. This book will open your eyes to a world and subject society likes to shy away from. You will see that sometimes the
law and legal systems reach their limits and there is nothing you can do about it except fight back, and fight hard.

Drew is a man on a mission. His job is to keep Lola safe and his goal is to make her his! Lucky for him, she is one of the only people she trusts.
Drew is a bit on an enigma. He keeps himself to himself & holds his cards close to his chest. The one thing he has trouble hiding is his feelings
for Lola.
He is hyper aware of her and can read her like a book. 
These two are a perfect pair. They have a bit of a ying and yang thing going on.  They are perfectly balanced and very in tune with each other.

Although this is a serious subject for Kirsty Dallas to write about, she has done it in a way that doesn’t send you running for the hills or putting it in the too hard to read about
pile. She has tacked this topic with a finesse that not all authors possess and quite literally leave you wanting more. Underneath the seriousness of the story line is a pure love story.
The love Drew and Lola share is raw, tender and sweet. In their bubble there is joy, hope love  and laughter. No one understands these two the way they do each other.
There is a little bit of sexy time, but those times are beautifully emotional and you almost feel the emotion of the characters.

The story is at times fast paced and full of action and the quotes used throughout are quick, witty and spot on.

If you like to laugh with the characters you are reading about and maybe don’t mind shedding a tear, then this book is a must read for 2017. It will shatter your heart,
leave a permanent mark on your soul and leave you feeling the love and hope of its characters for a long time to come.

6 Sparkling Stars!

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