May 31, 2017

Hard To Hold by Nicole Edwards FMR REVIEW


Wolfe Caine and his cousin Lynx know the small town of Embers Ridge like the backs of their hands. They grew up here, started more than their fair share of trouble on these back roads. They’ve been called wild, untamable, even crazy at times. And they’re okay with that.

Settling down has never been in Wolfe’s plan, but that was before they caught his eye. As far as Wolfe’s concerned, the two of them together … that’s his greatest temptation.

Getting close to either of them is difficult. But when Wolfe gets them both in his grasp, he’s determined he’s going to hold on, no matter how hard that proves to be.



We get a little bit of the old mixed in with a little bit of the old!

I always get excited for a new Nicole Edwards book and this one did not disappoint! It was non-stop, couldn't put the book down, I needed to know what was happening! 

One thing I can always expect from this author's work is some very hot and steamy scenes and we got that x3!!! This book revolves around a non-conventional couple because instead of two, we get three! And three is HOT! But along with all the hotness, I loved the story! The mystery and suspense had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the mention of previous Nicole Edwards characters in this book! I love how she always incorporates them in some way. I really enjoyed the characters. They each stood out on their own very well. I thought the story was well written and had a good balance between the story and the heat. I can't wait to read the next! 


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