September 05, 2016



Joe Starling has been stinking rich, and he’s been dirt poor. But from the moment he figured out what makes women scream, he’s been raking in the cash. Not as a prostitute. Not technically…

Sex isn’t officially part of the Perfect Ten escort service’s package. Yet Joe is almost embarrassed to admit his “package” has gotten quite a workout in the past seven years. Truth be told, the ladies want him, and he can’t say no.

Faith Graham’s first reaction to Joe Starling? No. Make that hell no. She needs an average Joe on her arm for her model-thin sister’s wedding. Who will believe a dazzling hunk like him would date the Graham sister who has a few too many curves?

For the first time, Joe experiences what it’s like for a woman to look at him with loathing rather than lust. And he doesn’t like the feeling. Because there is nothing in this world he wants more than to turn her emphatic no into a heartfelt yes. In fact, a lifetime lifetime of yes would work just fine for him…


Review by: Tatia  

This was a great quick read. Joe Starling is cocky and conceited, but at least he owns up to it. He knows he's a bit full of himself and says he has every right to be. He is the perfect ten, so it's only right that he works for the Perfect Ten Escort Service. He'll also admit that he's a bit of a man-whore. It's not required, but he's not going to turn away a willing female. With the click of a finger almost, that all changes when he meets Faith.
All Faith thought she was getting was a normal looking guy to take her to get sister's wedding. When she walked in and saw Joe she knew she couldn't pull it off. There's no way they would believe Joe was willingly with her. She knows she's pretty to an extent, but she lets what others think cloud her vision of herself. Joe truly wants to be with her while she's skeptical. He could get any woman that he wants. Why would he want to be with a curvy girl like her?

I could understand Faith's POV. While a million people can tell you that you're pretty, it's not going to click until YOU actually believe it. The limits that Joe was willing to go to to be with her were quite charming. He knew he had a lot to prove to her. Towards the end, they both had issues they had to work through. If they were going to be together then they couldn't listen to what everyone else said. I really enjoyed how things eventually panned out. These two worked together, especially once Faith got out of her own head.

4 Stars 

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