August 31, 2016

Wyatt's Melody (The Pub, #2.5) by Nicole De La Cruz • Blog Tour & Review

Wyatt's Melody (The Pub, #2.5) 
by Nicole De La Cruz 


After years of being stuck in her abusive mothers trailer, Melody Turner finally has a chance to find herself. Eighteen years old, with a full scholarship to a school in New York, Melody feels free. The problem is that she somehow finds herself repeating history. Fearing that she may become exactly like her mother, Melody intends to hide away in her dorm. When her best friend Rowan won't allow that, she finds herself attending a show in New York City that could possibly change her life forever.

Wyatt Foster lives life on his own terms. He has no interest in his parents' wealth or the law firm his family has been pressuring him to be a part of. Instead, Wyatt finds that he can escape the pressure of his family through music as lead guitarist of the popular band My Soul To Keep.

Priorities shift when he sees her and Wyatt's life begins to take a turn.

Review by: Leeann 

Melody is quite & shy. She pretty much had any self confidence she may have had beaten out of her both verbally & physically by her alcoholic mother.
She survived though & is now making a life for herself away from her family & going to college.

Wyatt is the complete opposite. He has had everything given to him his whole life, and now, he is turning his back on it all.
He is not looking for a relationship but as soon as he lays his eyes on Melody he is a goner.

This story draws you in easily & is a nice way to forget the world for a few hours.
It is YA & so there is no sex or deviousness, just a beautiful story about a young woman discovering who she is & finding a once in a lifetime
love where she least expected it.
The support characters are great (Except for Tori) & I am hoping Rowan & her brother get their stories told too!

Well worth the read if you like feel good romance! 

4 Stars 

Review by: Tracy 

Melody had a hard life living with her mother so when she got a scholarship to a school that would take her to the other side of the country she took it. She is shy, quiet and probably a little nieve when it comes to a big city like New York. Melody made a great friend, Rowen, who plays in a band. That's how we meet Wyatt. 
Sigh....Wyatt has to be the total package. Definitely a top contender in the book boyfriend category. 
I absolutely adore the Pub series by Nicole De La Cruz and Wyatt's Melody was just has great as the first two books in the series. Now you don't need to read the others to be able to read Wyatt's Melody, but you'll recognize names from that are mentioned if you do. This was the perfect novella in the Pub series.
Can't wait to read more and see some of these characters again!

4 Stars 

Review by: Erin 

This was a great novella. A great way to stay connected with the series and get a glimpse of some secondary characters. Melody is fabulous. She is a young woman determined to not follow in the footsteps of her mother. She has b*lls to set out to a new city, new way of life, where she knows nobody. She is very shy and introverted. Likes to stick to herself, not make waves. When she finally lets her hair down, she finds her person. Wyatt is everything that Melody needs. A man that knows what he wants and takes his time with it. This story is very sweet, not overly full of steamy scenes. Just that slow-burning, deep connection that I love between characters. Definitely fed my craving for more of this series.

4 Stars 

When I first laid eyes on Melody, even through her leather jacket, I could tell she was different and, after Rowan introduced me to her, I knew she wasn’t the typical girl at the rock show. The way she handled herself, she was shy and timid, but it’s what made her real. I know I must have looked like a creep just staring at her that night, but I’m not sorry for it. I couldn’t help myself; I was drawn to her. I loved the way she blushed every time she would catch me staring. When she would talk, her voice was soft like velvet and made my heart race.  Whenever she would laugh at the stupid things I said it felt like a win every single damn time. I wanted to make her do it over and over because I knew I was the reason she was happy. 

Despite the angelic perfection that was sitting next to me, one thing I would change about her is the way she always covered her smile with her hand when she would laugh. It was frustrating and I had to fight the urge to grab her hand and hold it in mine.

I don’t know what made me ask her out. I knew girls like Melody didn’t go out with guys like me, but I went for it anyway and I was so stoked that she actually said yes. I just hope I don’t make myself look like a fool in front of her. Usually I don’t have a hard time with girls, but with Melody, and the way she looks tonight, she’s got me sweating.

Nicole is a new author that has recently decided to pursue her passion of writing. Something she has been wanting to do since she was a little girl, and thanks to the push of her husband she is now living her dream.
Almost every single day you can either find her reading or listening to music. She got into reading when she picked up her first Sarah Dessen book and hasn’t stopped since.
She is an easy going person that likes to spend time with her husband and their three cats, drink wine, listen to Breaking Benjamin, and try out new recipes.

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