August 02, 2016

Hitched: Vol. 3 by Kendall Ryan • REVIEW/EXCERPT TOUR

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Hitched 3

I’ve ruined everything.

I’ve broken the cardinal rule and fallen in love with my fake wife, and then I went and did the worst thing a husband can do.

Winning her back will be nearly impossible, but I’ve never backed down from a challenge before and I’m sure as hell not about to start now. Olivia will be mine, and I can’t wait to put a bun in her oven.

You won’t want to miss the final installment in Noah and Olivia’s love story, and especially the way this over-the-top alpha male wins over his bride once and for all.

This is the third and final volume in the story.

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Review by: Stacey 

4.5 stars for the final part of Kendall Ryan's awesome trilogy Hitched!!!  It's no secret I have been a huge fan of Noah and book 3 I love him even more!!! No matter what Olivia throws his way he fights for her and I love his commitment to making this fake marriage work.  I love how this book picked up right where book 2 ended and dove right into the story.  This book really shows how far the couple has gone and where their heart is. It's amazing to see how Kendall Ryan can be so creative to write such a fun, sexy and enticing read!  

I highly recommend this series and I loved every minute of it. Every one needs a little Noah Tate in their lives and no one knows that more than Olivia.

4.5 Stars 

Review by: Gina

This is the conclusion of Noah and Olivia's whirlwind courtship! As a whole series, it was something different. There was a lot of drama but also a lot of smoking hot togetherness. This book continues where Vol 2 ending and we find out what Noah was doing in the bathroom and Olivia's reaction. The first half of the book revolved around that and didn't progress as much as I wanted it to. But the book picked for for the second half. Olivia and Noah make up and push their differences aside and can actually see their true feeling for eachother. It was great to finally get a happy ending for this couple. Overall, it was a good book and a good series. I enjoyed reading these books from this author and look forward to reading more in the future.  

4 Stars 

Review by: Kim 

Olivia and Noah are at it again in this, the third volume of this highly entertaining book.
Kendall Ryan has given us a story full of warm fuzzy feels, angst and laugh out loud moments.
In the beginning we met a couple who through the manipulation of their father's found that in order to hold onto the legacy that said fathers' worked so hard for...a marriage was going to have to happen. And not only were Noah and Olivia to marry, but there had to be a little one on the way too. 
Only...Noah was the only one that knew this. Yes people, he screwed up and didn't open his mouth. 
In this last installment, Noah is scrambling hard to hold onto the only woman that ever made his heart feel something. 
Olivia runs..when things get hard or she needs to think, she runs from everything and everyone. And this time she's running from the man who mixes her up and makes her feel things that she's not sure she wants to feel.
Together, Noah and Olivia must decide whether meeting in the middle and figuring out how to make things work is worth the effort. 
Or will walking away from not just each other, but everything they thought they were fighting for be easier and better for the both of them?
Read this small series. 

4 Stars 

    a dirty office romance

       hitched 1

Marry the girl I’ve had a crush on my whole life? Check. Inherit a hundred-billion-dollar company? Check. Produce an heir… Wait, what? I have ninety days to knock up my brand-new fake wife. There’s only one problem—she hates my guts. And in the fine print of the contract? The requirement that we produce an heir. She can’t stand to be in the same room with me. Says she’ll never be in my bed. But I’ve never backed down from a challenge and I’m not about to start now. Mark my words—I’ll have her begging for me, and it won’t take ninety days. On the heels of her smash hit and New York Times bestselling SCREWED series, Kendall Ryan brings you HITCHED, a romantic comedy that delivers heart and heat. A NYC playboy turned business mogul has ninety days to win over the woman he's always desired in order to save his father's company. One tiny problem: She hates his guts.  

      Hitched 2

Arranged marriage? Check. Cocky new husband? Check. It's a marriage of convenience—one I’m determined to keep strictly professional. I can't be stupid enough to fall for this sexy playboy's charm or advances. I have to be strong, even if he is my husband. Except he has a huge cock with an even bigger ego, and his main goal in life seems to be getting me to stroke both. The arrogant bastard is like sweet, sugary candy for my libido. I know he’s bad for me. But I want to devour every wicked inch of him. With his sexual prowess and experience, I know he’ll be explosive in the bedroom. And since we’re stuck together for the foreseeable future—keeping up this marriage charade long enough to turn the company profitable again—I deserve something to look forward to at the end of a long workday, right? What could one little taste hurt? This is volume 2 in the Imperfect Love series.  

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