July 22, 2016

What Makes A Man? by HQ Frost • FMR REVIEW

What Makes A Man? 
HQ Frost 


Every action has a reaction. 
First impressions don’t always tell the story in tow. 
When Dom meets Nyla, it’s under dangerous, deceiving circumstances. But when the truth comes out, Nyla is certain Dom is the ‘good book’ she needs. She's convinced the pages they’ll write together will give her the happy ending she expects. They just have to make it out of the ghetto that’s been sucking the life from Dom since he can remember. He knows the man he wants to be will never develop in that city. People change everyday and Dom is determined to change for her, but there’s one thing he can’t change and it’s the one thing she can’t accept. 
The world keeps turning through the choices they make and they learn the hard way that every action has a reaction. 
"Everyone deserves the chance to write the pages to their own book."


Review by: Erin 

Holy Sh*t!!!! This book will blow you away. This storyline was incredible. I kept waiting for the hearts and candy, but what I got was so much more. The struggle is REAL people! This story was so real. Dealt with real life struggles. The characters were extremely well developed and complex. Each one dealing with their own life problems. There is just so much going on in the story. It was very hard to put the book down, I was so invested in the outcomes of so many different situations. I cried. A lot. Like a little baby. The emotion in this book is on a whole new level. If emotion was tangible, it would have been pouring off the pages like a waterfall. All the “feels”. The plot twists will throw you for a loop and have you thinking, “Did I read that right? Did that just happen?” The ending left me craving more. I really, like REALLY, need the next book yesterday. I am in a book hangover needing to know what happens. Make it happen woman!
6 Stars 

Review by: Stacey 

What Makes a Man is by the amazing HQ Frost!!! I enjoyed being on the crazy journey of Dom and Nyla!!! You would never think after how they meet that love could bloom between two people who are so different!!! Dom wants to be everything Nyla seeing in him but can he escape the pull of life!!! There are so many times I was so mad at Dom but you can see he wants to be a better man and Nyla is just the right women to help him thru it all. Can their love prevail!!! No spoilers here!!! Go get your copy to find out how it all turns out!!!

 And be ready to be left wanting the next book to know what's gonna happen!!!!!

4 Stars 

Review by: Amy C 

First impressions aren't what they seem... This thought is completely in the eye of the beholder. Situations can appear to be exactly what the seem, people can play the parts they want everyone to see, but reality is the hardest to find sometimes. Dom is living the only life he's ever known. Thrown into one crappy situation after another,  he does what he knows to survive. Nyla is the opposite. She's living the same life he is but sees things so differently. Emotions are flying page after page and I was struggling to keep up...for reals FROST! 

I am not one for crazy angst and even though this book literally dragged me through all kinds of emotions, I enjoyed it. I was searching for e perfect romantic spin in this books and was struggling to find  it. Once I was enlightened to the idea that looking past the romance and seeing the beauty of struggle vs. endurance or looking beyond the ghetto, I was able to really appreciate the story. (Erin you are freaking amazing!)  I liked the story for is boldness, but I loved  the story for its attention to detail. For is undying realism and heroic skepticism. The author that can pull that from her readers is one that has truly has her craft mastered. 

Crazy ride of a book, magnificent attention to detail, gritty story line... These all make up a fantastic read. 

4 Stars 


“I'm probably not like the typical dudes you know in Seattle, Nyla. I think I made that obvious with the way we met. You're in a bad neighborhood surrounded by worse people."
"I don't judge a book by its cover," she mumbled.
It was a strange way to make friends, but by the end of their breakfast, he wanted to see her again. Being attracted to her was alluring, but just because she was beautiful didn't mean she was worth his time. After an hour together, he wanted to feed his curiosity about the trusting girl.

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