June 03, 2016

Little Bird by M Dauphin & HQ Frost • FMR REVIEW

 Little Bird (Caged: Volume 1) 

 M.Dauphin & H.Q Frost 


I'm Megan Porter. Abused,  unwanted,  unloved. Until I met Jasper. A monster hiding behind a beautiful face and he caged me like a bird.  Conditioned me for the employee and woman he wanted. Never expecting what I had in store for him.  And I never expected what he had for me.  Lucas Acey.

Lucas, Kid, Hoodrat, Ace. 
I’ve gone by plenty of names in my life. Names I’ve never been too fond of, but I’ve dealt with it because that’s what I do. I deal with shit I don’t like. I deal with shit that needs to go away. On a daily basis I’m reminded why I do it. Jasper was all I had left in this world. We made it work… kept the family business moving, so to say. I never lost sight of a goal. Not until my job brought me to her
Megan Porter. If there was one girl that could be the end of me and everything I’ve worked for, it’s her.


Review by: Leeann 

Holy crap there is no limit to the amount of stars this book deserves!!  Right from the start these authors reel you in & keep you hooked.

I literally could not put it down, I read it in 5 ½ hours!! 
These two authors have taken mind f*****g to a whole new level and as co-authors they have achieved it seamlessly. You would never know there
Were two different people collaborating if it wasn’t written on the front cover.

Megan has suffered worse things than any human should ever have to endure & most of it before she reached the age of 18. But in her naivety  
she did a deal with the devil & has now found herself still captive, just in a different persons cage. She is now known as Birdie or Little Bird.
Lucas is a complication. Is he her saviour or her one way ticket to hell??
Then there is Jasper.. He is to be feared. He is the man everyone is scared of. And they should be.

There is nothing about this book that is as it seems. Just when you think you know where it is going, you realise you don’t. At times things seem
straight forward but they are not. 
The mind boggles at how messed up people can really be. As a parent I cannot fathom how people can do unspeakable things, not to other human beings
but to their own children. You can clearly see why a young 18 year old girl would make the choices Megan does when she has been treated the way she was by her parents.

The complexity of these characters is amazing and fascinating. The way the story is written makes it easy to visualize it play out as if you were watching a movie,
and the story line although dark, is amazing.

Even if you don’t like cliff hangers I would still recommend you read this book because I think when book two comes out it is going to blow everything you think you
know about these characters out of the water big time!! I cannot freaking wait!!!
 5++++++++++++++++++ Stars

Review by: Erin 

Holy Sh*t Batman!!! This book is a complete departure from For3ver and Bang. Megan’s story is completely dark and filled with pain. Don’t get me wrong, Megan is a bad*ss. Her life demands it. But throughout the story, I saw the glimpses of the life she could have had and what she could have wanted for herself. These moments made the cry the hardest. The relationships between Megan and Jasper, Megan and Lucas, Jasper and Lucas will have your mind spinning. This story is full of drama, pain (both emotional and physical), betrayal, backstabbing, secrets, regrets, hope, and love. There is so much going on but the story flows effortlessly. It is not overwhelming. The storyline was incredible. Not at all what I was thinking Megan’s story would be. I cried so hard for younger Megan and then again for the woman she was not allowed to become. And then, just when I thought I figured out the ending, BAM!!  My God! What a plot twist! And then nothing. I was yelling at my Kindle trying to figure out where the rest of the story was! Talk about an intriguing cliffhanger. This story was very addictive and I am not sure how I am going to wait for part 2. Ladies, all I can say is I will be stalking hard and often! This duo is definitely one that knows how to write together to create phenomenal characters and stories. Definitely a Top Read of 2016!

6 stars




“You won’t pull the trigger, you little cunt,” Rod threatens.
I don’t hear the ricocheted shot until I’m sprayed with blood and my heart seems to thump with the reverberation.
“Meggy!” shrieks from Judith’s mouth.
“Fuck you, mom.” My arms pivot with my words until I’m aiming the gun into the face of the woman that gave birth to me. The woman that was supposed to love and protect me, not get me high enough to numb my body and mind to lay lifeless while the most perverse of men sat by watching the incestual acts she did to me for money.
There’s no hesitation pulling the trigger and I watch her eyes cross before her body falls back with the momentum of the bullet.
“Bird?” Jasper’s voice fills my head. “Is it done?”
“They’re dead.” It doesn’t feel like I’m the one that said it, but I’m the only one in the room right now. Blood splattered, cold, afraid, and now alone until Jasper comes for me.
“You’re in, Little Bird.”
The call disconnects.


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